«ДокторПРО» в Черкассах расширяется!
«ДокторПРО»  - продолжает активно развивать сеть своих медицинских центров, как в Украине, так и за рубежом. Изучив  потребность наших пациентов в профильных специалистах, мы решили расширить сферу нашей деятельности и начать предоставлять услуги в  четырех новых направлениях: неврология, отоларингология, семейная медицина и маммология.
ON Clinic & DoctorPRO: Your doctor is now in your city!
In the autumn of 2015 a consolidation of the two well-known medical centers networks, namely ON Clinic and DoctorPRO, took place, which now allows more Ukrainians to receive effective treatment within the frameworks of a large and experienced corporation.
Hemorrhoids: when a proctologist is the best friend
In translation from Latin the word "patient" means "the one who is tolerating, suffering." Yet proctologists know that patients with hemorrhoids are true sufferers, no doubts! First, the person becoming ill with hemorrhoids is not too disturbed.
Hemorrhoids. As a bolt from the blue
Hemorrhoids is one of the most common proctological diseases. It is one of the specific diseases, also in terms of psychological perception. Always understandable that people with this disease will be ashamed and tolerate torments and pain to the last.
Hemorrhoids. Do you want to be healthy? Be healthy!
We often wish each other good health. But unfortunately it is not enough just to have desires, because to be healthy, you need to make great efforts: eat right, maintain regular lifestyle, exercise and promptly seek medical attention.
What is hazard of warts?
In childhood our mothers and grandmothers often frightened us by the various superstitions and omens. For example, we were not allowed to take up frogs as warts are supposedly appear because of them. In fact it is not so.
An anal fissure. And there is no use for lard ...
On the Internet one can read a lot of varying information on solving any problem, and especially it concerns medicine. Something terrible occurs on various forums and portals! A lot of wishes, advices, that's simply ridiculous! The social networks develop true separate branches of discussions on who did what and who were went and by which ointments smeared and so on. Basically it concerns the most intimate problems and diseases.
Испытание псориазом
Заболеть псориазом может каждый не зависимо от возраста. Появление на коже бляшек ярко-красного цвета, значительно возвышающихся над уровнем кожи, может стать громом среди ясного неба.
Reception at reception
It's time to think #abouthealth. Learn about modern methods of hemorrhoids treatment.
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