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Treatment of ischemic heart disease

Ischemic heart disease is a common disease that often causes death and disability. Therefore, it is so important to start its treatment on time.

What is cardiac ischemia?

Ischemic heart disease (ischemia, IHD) is myocardial damage occurring as a result of a decrease or cessation of the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. The forms of cardiac ischemia are myocardial infarction, stenocardia and primary cardiac arrest (sudden cardiac arrest).

IHD symptoms include the following:

  • labored breathing;
  • chest pain;
  • heart attacks;
  • general weakness;
  • edema (more often appears in the lower extremities and lower abdomen, but can spread throughout the body).

How long can you live with ischemic heart disease?

You can live a long and full life with ischemic heart disease. But only on condition of timely treatment. Only a cardiologist can diagnose cardiac ischemia and develop a treatment regimen. Therapy may include medication, a special diet, exercise therapy and, in extreme cases, surgery (coronary artery bypass aft surgery).

To prevent IHD and prevent its development, it is recommended:

  • eat a healthy, balanced diet;
  • quit smoking;
  • lead an active lifestyle;
  • control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

To make an appointment with a cardiologist and undergo a course of IHD treatment, call the phone number indicated on the website or fill out the online form.

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