Dermatoscopy as a method of diagnosis

К нам обратились

If you have birthmarks, nevi, basaliomas, solar keratomas and keratoses, angiomas or hemangiomas, dermatoscopy will help determine their safety.

Dermatoscopy is a diagnostic procedure in dermatology, which helps to identify malignant formations even in the early stages. Joking with skin guests is more expensive. Today they do not cause any trouble, and tomorrow you will not get problems. Moreover, the danger of oncology in these situations is also relevant. Is the risk worth it?

Medical center “DoctorPRO” gives you opportunity to detect, if formation is benign. With the help of modern dermatoscope, they can be diagnozed without pain and complications.

The device makes it possible to determine the area, size, degree of unevenness of boundaries, as well as the location of vessels, pigment inclusions on spots. According to it, a painless variant of their elimination will be offered.

Change in shape, size and color is first sign of danger. 

If you have new formation or “old” nevus has changed, go to the doctor immediately. It is a sign of pathogenic changes in its structure, that not always safe for health and life.

Occasional catch by hands or cloth, intensive rubbing or careless combing will lead to unforeseen complications. Who has information, that is armed in advance!

Protect yourself and beloved persons. Ask for help today!

In DoctorPRO you will receive timely help and an effective treatment and preventive program without any pain. Medicamentous options will help to eliminate a root of the problem. Medicinal preparations of domestic and foreign production, as well as radiowave treatment will help to be rehabilitated quickly.

The malignant «guest» is cut off by the radio wave and it will not bother you anymore.

It's fast, reliable and quick!

Free consultation

In “DoctorPRO” there is a consultation line for communication with a dermatologist. Your doctor will be in touch 24 hours. If you have a real problem, you can always ask him for help. “DoctorPRO” took care of your comfort and calm!

Trust in the best! Choose the best!

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