Psoriasis test

К нам обратились

Everyone can get psoriasis regardless of age. The appearance on the skin of plaques of bright red color, significantly rising above the level of the skin, can become a thunderbolt from the blue.

A sudden exacerbation of the disease is an endurance test for anyone who knows psoriasis firsthand. There can be a temporary alleviation of the disease, and then it can reappear. Short lucid intervals between relapses of the disease cause psoriatic patients to live in fear of a new exacerbation. And although in most cases psoriasis is not life threatening, patients do not cry or die from pain, it is the cause of serious psychological problems.

For this reason, and for a number of medical indications, psoriasis must be dealt with. You can not leave the disease unattended and stay idle while waiting for relief. With each exacerbation, psoriasis can cover larger areas of the skin (there are cases when psoriatic plaques cover up to 90% of the skin area). In this case, the skin loses its protective function and becomes the “entrance gate” for infections.

The duration of the intervals between relapses is completely unpredictable. The disease can be latent for 10-20 years, and then emerge with renewed vigour. A patient with psoriasis is forced to abandon the usual worldly pleasures: beach rest, swimming pool, sauna. Most people literally rush from the sight of red spots, being confident in the infectiousness of the disease. Well, one should hang a sign: «Not contagious!».

People suffering from psoriasis, like everyone else, deserve a normal full life. One should not close up, shrink into oneself, or avoid crowded places. He must learn to live with psoriasis, make it invisible to others and for themselves.

Indeed, humanity has not yet invented a universal medicine capable to cure psoriasis once-for-all-time, but there are a number of effective means to remove the external manifestations of the disease and control their occurrence in the future.

Among the variety of such means, natural products have an obvious advantage, but not those artificially synthesized, containing hormones and steroids. The therapy chosen adequately by a dermatologist, based on the use of natural products, will help overcome the psoriasis test and make you stronger.

This is the case that dermatologists of the Medical center “DoctorPRO” are engaged in. Here they combat psoriasis with only natural products, which include salt, mud and algae of the Dead Sea. Such treatment does not harm the human body and in the period of relapse helps effectively to get rid of external manifestations of the disease.

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