Removal of skin neoplasms

К нам обратились

Just very few people pay attention to skin neoplasms - moles, condylomas, papillomas, warts. Especially, if they do not deliver a hassle. However, if such benign formations spoil the appearance, are permanently injured with clothing or a razor, it is worth considering the removal. After all, a harmless little point on the body can turn into an oncological disease. So if you are concerned by a mole, wart, papilloma, it’s better to refer to the dermatologist for advice.

In the DoctorPRO medical center initial examination by a dermatologist consists of several stages: expert examines the colour, texture, surface, location of skin appendages. First visually, then with the aid of a special device dermatoscope (dermatoscopy), which multiply magnifies the image. And the dermatologist can see whether there is a risk of appearing cancer after removing a mole or papilloma. If contraindications have not been identified, the doctor will recommend removal.

At present, several methods of getting rid of this kind of skin lesions are available:

  • a scalpel (used only in extreme cases, if the other cannot be applied)
  • cauterization by liquid nitrogen (but there is a possibility of burns and scarring)
  • electrocoagulation (disadvantages - a long period of healing and thermal tissue damage with the formation of blisters)
  • radio-wave method (the most safe, painless and effective).

In the DoctorPRO medical center used is namely radio wave method to remove moles. After its application scars are practically not formed, no risk of infection, and healing takes place as quickly as possible. So if you have a mole, which hinders, is permanently injured or creates a cosmetic defect, be sure to sign up for a consultation with a dermatologist to the DoctorPRO medical center. Our doctors will carefully examine all skin appendages and help to get rid of them safely and painlessly! Be healthy!

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