Colonoscopy in “DoctorPRO” inCherkassy, Bila Tserkva and Kropivnitsky

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Everyone may face disruptions in the work of digestive system. In case of some diseases of gastrointestinal tract, and the symptoms, indicating them, doctor may appoint delicate procedure, colonoscopy.

Intestine colonoscopy is a modern method of diagnostics of rectum and large gut, which is made with the help of unique device, a colonoscope. If a patient has a history of constipation, bleeding from the rectum, abdominal pain and anus, weight loss, the colonoscopy is likely to be indicated. In Cherkassy, Bila Tserkva and Kropivnitsky, this investigation is conducted by specialists of the medical center “DoctorPRO”.

How does it happened?

During the procedure, coloproctologist or endoscopist carries out examination of internal surface of large gut. For this, colonoscope probe equipped by a tiny video camera is administrated into anus area, which is processed with antiseptic, prepared and lying on its side, patient is prepared and lie on its side during procedure. Usually, anesthesia is required, the doctor can use local anesthetics.

Unique features of procedure

Colonoscope allows to investigate  intestinal mucosa state, its motility, to determine any changes, including inflammatory, inflammatory of any etiology. During investigation, it is possible to take a piece of tissue to make a biopsy, to remove the cause of intestinal bleeding.

Indications for colonoscopy:

  • pain in abdomen and large intestine;
  • presence of pathological discharges from rectum (mucus), intestinal bleeding;
  • anemia; sudden and unreasonable weight loss;
  • regular troubles with stool;
  • symptoms of tumor or benign formations, revealed by other methods of investigations.

The doctors recommend undergoing colonoscopy for people more than 50-years. If the patient has adverse heredity for oncologic diseases of intestine, then he must undergo it after 40-years of age.

How to prepare?

Specialists of the medical centers “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy, Bila Tserkva and Kropivnitsky will explain to patient, that preparation to colonoscopy includes:

  • anti-slag diet during 2-3 days;
  • hunger for 20 hours  before procedure with obligatory intake of liquid;
  • cleaning the intestine with enema or medications.

Doctor will also explain contraindications to colonoscopy. It can be:

  • acute infectious disease;
  • peritonitis, ulcer or ischemic colitis in severe form;
  • heart or lung insufficiency;
  •  coagulation problems.

You should always remember the value of your health, trust only the best specialists, doctors of medical center “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy, Bila Tserkva and Kropivnitsky!

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