Endocrinology department in “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy

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Diagnostics and treatment of endocrinology diseases is handled by endocrinologists, you can find physician of this profile among specialists of medical center “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy.

Human body is complicated mechanism. Almost all processes, proceeding in it, are regulated by hormones, special biologically active substances, produced by internal secretion glands or endocrine glands. Due to several causes in functioning of endocrine system, some failures can happen then, endocrine diseases occur.

It is recommended to visit endocrinologist in following cases:

  • lack or excess of body weight, and its sharp changes;
  • intrusive perspiration in throat, pressing feelings in the neck, availability of visible formations on it;
  • rapid heartbeat,  heart rhythm disorder;
  • facial swelling, especially in the morning;
  • emotional instability, tearfulness;
  • easy fatigability, feeling of fatigue, insomnia or somnolence, frequent headache;
  • dryness in mouth, excessive thirst, frequent urination;
  • disturbances of menstrual cycle in women, infertility; 
  • excessive growth or loss of hair.

Timely consultation of endocrinologist and examination, appointed by it, will help to reveal disorder in endocrine system work in time. And professional treatment, which will be selected by experienced physician-endocrinologist of medical center “DoctorPRO Cherkassy”, will allow the patient to recover and to support work of his body.

Except for symptoms of endocrinology diseases, listed above, the following can be the cause to visit a doctor:

  • routine examination, exacerbation of disease or necessity to correct treatment of patients with made diagnosis;
  • presence of endocrine diseases in close relatives;
  • planning of pregnancy or its early term, in particular, in women with burdened heredity.

Endocrine system requires the same close attention, as other body systems. If you need experienced endocrinologist in Cherkassy, the specialists of our medical center will be able to provide qualified help to you.

Diagnostics and treatment of endocrine diseases.

Traditionally diagnostics of endocrine diseases consist of:

  • collection of anamnesis;
  • examination and palpation of the patient;
  • performance of laboratory analyses and instrumental examinations.

Thoroughness and consistency of performed diagnostics directly impact efficiency of endocrine disease treatment. When interviewing the patient, physician usually asks extended questions. Due to this, he can not only clarify some details of complaints and symptoms, appearance of which provokes endocrine system diseases.

If work of endocrine glands is consistent, the person may probably escape from fate to meet serious diseases of endocrine system.  But if it is happened, the specialists of our medical center will help you to solve this problem. 

Endocrinology department of medical center “DoctorPRO Cherkassy” is represented by experienced doctors, professionals in their sphere.

Diagnostics of organ dysfunction of endocrine systems is performed here, together with:

  • treatment of thyroid;
  • treatment  of obesity;
  • treatment of sugar diabetes;
  • treatment of menstrual cycle disorder.

All, what you should do, is to make appointment to endocrinologist. And the best specialists of our medical center “DoctorPRO Cherkassy” will solve your health problems. 

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