Treatment of hypothyroidism in “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy

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Hypothyroidism is a decrease in the production of thyroid hormones. It develops, as a rule, against the background of autoimmune thyroiditis – a thyroid disease, in which the immune system attacks the organ gradually destroying it and interfering with its normal functioning.

In some cases, the diagnostics of pathology is complicated, because at the initial stages of the disease a person may not attach significance to anxious symptoms, confusing them with ordinary fatigue.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism:

  • weakness and increased fatigability;
  • drowsiness, impairment of memory, attention, thinking, speech;
  • puffiness of the face, sometimes of the mucous nasopharynx, middle ear;
  • weight gain;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle in women and of sexual function in men;
  • disorders of the digestive tract;
  • pallor of the skin with possible yellowness;
  • deterioration of hair and nails;
  • shortness of breath, bradycardia, hypotension.

Diagnostics of hypothyroidism, the stages of which will be determined by the endocrinologist of the medical center “DoctorPRO”, usually includes:

  • examination of the patient and history taking;
  • blood tests, including for thyroid hormones;
  • instrumental methods.

It is important to remember that due to certain functional features of the body, hypothyroidism in women is found at times more often than in men.

Causes of hypothyroidism

In addition to autoimmune thyroiditis (inflammatory thyroid disease), the causes of the pathology onset include:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • congenital anomaly of the thyroid gland;
  • surgical intervention on the organ;
  • lack of iodine in the diet;
  • disorders of the pituitary and hypothalamus due to tumors, hemorrhages or injuries;
  • exposure to certain medications.

Depending on the origin of the pathology the following is distinguished:

  • primary hypothyroidism – due to malfunction of the thyroid gland (can be congenital and acquired);
  • secondary hypothyroidism – occurs due to abnormalities in the pituitary gland, which controls the function of the thyroid gland (usually takes place more severely with damage to other organs and systems).

Anyone who has such a disease can undergo treatment for hypothyroidism in Cherkassy in the modern medical center “DoctorPRO”. The endocrinologist of our clinic will be able to determine the cause of the pathology, as well as to choose the optimal method of treatment, in which the body will recover as quickly as possible.

As a rule, the hormonal replacement therapy is used as the main method of treatment of the disease. As well as the medications that support the work of the cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive systems, plus vitamin and mineral complexes. The dose of hormonal drugs is determined by the endocrinologist and can be adjusted depending on the results of the diagnosis.

Specialists of the medical center “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy are always glad to render their services to those who need them, and also help each patient to solve health problems. Our clinic offers first-class service and a comfortable atmosphere.

Complications of hypothyroidism:

  • hypothyreoid coma;
  • disfunction of the cardiovascular system;
  • infertility, decreased sexual function;
  • weakened immunity.

Prevention of hypothyroidism consists of a full-fledged diet, a healthy lifestyle, early diagnosis of pathology and timely treatment onset.

Come to the clinic “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy and our specialists will do their best to restore your health!

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