Causes of osteoarthritis

К нам обратились

Inflammation of the joints is called arthrosis. This disease most often develops in men and women older than 30 years. The causes of arthrosis of the joints can be different.

According to statistics, joint inflammation develops in those who:

  • leads a sedentary lifestyle;
  • has injured limbs (sprains, strains, fractures, fissures, bruises);
  • has severe hypothermia in history.

Sometimes the disease of the joints affects those with imbalanced nutrition (metabolic disorder occurs) and those with low immunity (for example, due to the abuse of social habits). Sometimes the disease can be provoked by frequent colds, diseases of the thyroid gland and the spine, problems with blood (more often, hemophilia, that is, low blood clotting).

Osteoarthritis can affect even those involved in sports. Therefore, excessive load on the joints can also harm your health. Due to this, even those whose profession is associated with physical labor are at risk.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis are similar to many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The following indicates the inflammation of the joints:

  • swelling at the site of inflammation;
  • pain during motor activity (when turning the body) and sleep;
  • the presence of crepitus in the joints when squatting, walking, running;
  • joint deformity.

Joint modifications make a clear sign of arthrosis, when osteophytes are formed on the bone surface. This phenomenon indicates the complete damage of the joint.

Diagnostics of osteoarthritis should be carried out only by a qualified doctor. The doctor examines the problem area on the body, and also studies the patient’s medical history and study results. First of all, the patient is referred for X-ray examination. If osteoarthritis is suspected, thinning of mobile joints, narrowing of the articular cavities will be seen in the picture. Computed tomography is possible as prescribed by a doctor.

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