Causes of radiculitis

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If your back hurts, there is a high probability that this is radiculitis. The main cause of radiculitis is osteochondrosis, back injuries, and spinal pathology. It is the inflammation of the nerve roots due to their damage for various reasons that leads to the development of this disease. Even weight lifting, severe hypothermia of the body, intervertebral hernia and diseases of the nervous system can provoke the inflammation.

In most cases, the causes of radiculitis are rooted in a person’s lifestyle. Most often, this disease affects those who have a sedentary job and who lead a sedentary lifestyle. According to statistics, radiculitis most often occurs in men and women who refuse morning or evening warm-up, sports, as well as sleep and rest on beds with an orthopedic mattress.

In case radiculitis is untreated, it affects the entire spine and lumbar region. As a result, a person’s physical activity is impaired. In some cases, paralysis develops under the influence of external and internal factors.

The main symptoms of radiculitis:

  • persistent or intermittent pain in the lumbar region or in the back;
  • movement stiffness and gait disorder;
  • increased diaphoresis;
  • burning or pricking sensation at the site of the pain effect;
  • sometimes there is dizziness or visual deterioration.

Radiculitis should be diagnosed only by a qualified doctor, because the signs of radiculitis are similar to many diseases and pathologies of the spine.

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Treatment of radiculitis in “DoctorPRO” in Bila Tserkva

To cure radiculitis, you need the help of a doctor. The doctor will examine the medical history, interview the patient for complaints and prescribe the necessary tests. X-ray examination of the spine is prescribed mandatory. It helps to assess the location and the degree of the spine or its part lesion.

If back pain caught by surprise, you need to provide the patient with bed rest and send for a doctor. The doctor will prescribe the main treatment after elimination of acute back pain with anesthetic drugs and ointments.

Complications of radiculitis can occur in the absence of treatment or in the case of improper choise of a method of recovery, as well as non-compliance with the prescriptions and recommendations of the attending physician. This threatens to affect sensitivity, myelitis, neuritis, and spinal cord and cerebral infarction.

Prevention of radiculitis should be based on a set of measures that need to be performed not only after recovery, but also throughout the life. They include sports activities, maintaining an active lifestyle. It is advisable to take a back massage at least once a year.

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