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Colitis or inflammatory disease of the colon mucosa is observed in patients of any age. Often it develops against the background of other problems with the gastrointestinal tract, for example, dysbacteriosis.

Inflammation starts with a small area: pathogens break the integrity of the mucosa and enter the intestinal tissues. The immune reaction starts: the body tries to suppress the infection, the damaged area swells, motility, digestion, and intake of nutrients become more difficult. The pathogenic microflora begins to prevail in the intestine, which develops putrefactive processes, toxins are secreted, that enter the bloodstream.

The first symptoms of colitis are as follows:

  • constant dull pain or sharp cramping attacks in the abdominal area (the nature depends on the type of the disease);
  • appearance in the stool of impurities of mucus, blood, pus;
  • against the background of intoxication general health worsens: weakness, “overexhaustion”;
  • fever, temperature rise are possible.

In case of similar complaints of a patient, the diagnostics of colitis is performed. The gastroenterologist prescribes fecal analysis, abdominal ultrasound, colonoscopy or other gut examination. The stage of the disease is revealed, its etiology is established and effective treatment is chosen.

Colitis of the intestine in the chronic phase may look like an ordinary disorder. In order not to miss the development of the disease, it is recommended to undergo regular examinations at a gastroenterologist. Prolonged inflammation of the mucosa leads to the formation of ulcers on its surface (ulcerative colitis), the destruction of villi and the violation of absorption of nutrients. The body does not receive micro- and macro-elements, hypovitaminosis begins, patients complain of constant weakness, uncontrolled weight loss, and visual deterioration.

Causes of colitis

The disease is caused by various causes:

  • helminthic invasions: inflammation develops against a background of toxic or mechanical damage to the mucosa;
  • suppression of microflora due to prolonged disease states, antibiotic administration;
  • food allergy: use an allergen provokes acute inflammation and swelling;
  • weakened immunity and stress: for this reason, acute colitis often arises, accompanied by sharp pains and frequent urges to defecate;
  • poor heredity;
  • an unbalanced diet, rich with heavy fatty and spicy food with a low amount of fiber;
  • alcohol and tobacco abuse.

Chronic colitis becomes a consequence of other disorders: for example, in case of problems with the cardiovascular system, the blood supply of the gut may be impaired. The task of the gastroenterologist is to find out the cause of the disease and eliminate it. Thus, effective treatment of colitis in Cherkassy, Bila Tserkva, Kropivnitsky and Chernihiv is ensured.

After establishing the diagnosis, the doctor selects a complex of medications that remove the acute course of the disease. The pain syndrome is eliminated, if an intestinal infection is detected antibiotics are prescribed. The patient intakes the medicines that regulate the work of the digestive tract, thanks to them the false desires, constipation, flatulence are removed, the normal peristalsis and healthy microflora are restored. After the course of treatment, prevention is necessary: it is recommended to adhere to a special diet, to diversify the diet with food rich in fiber.

If the disease is of extensive-stage, complications of colitis occur: the inflammation spreads to the small intestine and stomach. The ulcerative lesions of the whole gastrointestinal tract are possible. To prevent this, make an appointment with a specialist at the medical center “DoctorPRO” on the site or by phone. You are waited by the qualified personnel, the modern diagnostic equipment and advanced methods of treatment.

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