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Everyone likes to eat delicious food. And most of us prefer hot and spicy dishes, smoked products and fast food. Heavy food, especially in the evening, leads to a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, the appearance of heartburn and eructation.

Moreover, excessive use of such delicacies can soon lead to gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. An unbalanced diet, including snacks on the run instead of full breakfasts and lunches, are considered by gastroenterologists as the first cause of inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

Most common, pains in the stomach are the symptoms of gastritis. This disease can occur in acute or chronic form. The acute form proceeds with strong painful sensations, heartburn, eructation, abdominal swelling, while the chronic form develops against the background of neglected acute gastritis and can lead to stomach ulcer.

The main causes of the disease are:

  • alcohol abuse;
  • uncontrolled intake of medications;
  • acid-fast bacteria that enter the stomach with food;
  • helminthic invasions.

Doctors name the secondary factors of the disease development as chronic stresses, autoimmune disorders, pathological changes in the gastric mucosa (congenital and acquired).

The symptoms of gastritis can be both hidden (which do not manifest for a long period of time), and explicit (acute form). The manifestation of the disease depends on the overall health of the patient, the current inflammation in the body and chronic diseases.

Diagnostics of gastritis is possible already on the day of a visit to the doctor-gastroenterologist: after examination, the study of the medical history and tests (blood test, gastroscopy examination, cytological studies).

In “DoktorPRO” in Cherkassy, Bila Tserkva, Kropivnitsky and Chernihiv experienced doctors provide qualified assistance in the treatment of gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Gastritis of the stomach with a timely visit to the doctor can be cured with the help of sparing techniques. With chronic gastritis, the doctor will help to mitigate the symptoms of exacerbation already on the day of appointment in the clinic (effective medications are used, which have no analogues in the chemist’s network + physiotherapy procedures).

Causes of gastritis

Acute gastritis can be catarrhal and phlegmonous. The first type can occur due to hepatic or renal insufficiency, and also due to the combination of heavy food intake and potent drugs for a long time. The second type is considered as a consequence of trauma to the gastric mucosa (for example, due to accidental ingestion of foreign objects into the stomach).

Chronic gastritis can manifest itself not only with the change of seasons (autumn, spring) but also against the background of increased sensitivity to individual foods, due to the inflammatory process in the body. As a result, the symptoms are reduced to frequent heartburn (even after consuming a small amount of acidic and salty foods), increased gas production, stomach pain, increased body temperature and plaque on the tongue.

You can have effective treatment of gastritis in “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy Cherkassy, Bila Tserkva, Kropivnitsky and Chernihiv. The treatment is based on the use of modern non-surgical method without the need for hospitalization of a patient.

Complications of gastritis can occur in case of non-compliance of a diet during or after the treatment, or if the recommendations of the gastroenterologist are not followed. Lack of treatment or self-treatment can lead to the development of malignant tumors, stomach ulcer, and internal hemorrhage.

Prevention of gastritis should include correction of a diet (after consultation with the doctor), timely treatment of inflammation of internal organs, prevention of mechanical injuries of the stomach. Those who smoke need to avoid smoking on an empty stomach, especially when combined with coffee. Also, gastroenterologists recommend not to alleviate the symptoms with the help of traditional medicine. This can only aggravate the situation and lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

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