Treatment of endometriosis in “DoctorPRO”

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Endometriosis is a gynecological pathology, in which the endometrium of the uterus body grows beyond its boundaries: into the fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder and beyond. This process is accompanied by painful sensations in the affected areas, menstrual dysfunction, and reproductive capacity disorders.

The main symptoms of endometriosis of the uterus are the following:

  • pelvic pain;
  • formation of endometrioid cysts;
  • increased volume of affected organs;
  • discomfort when sexual intercourse;
  • excessive menstruation;
  • infertility.

If you have found some of these symptoms, it is recommended to consult a specialist immediately. Timely diagnostics of endometriosis will enable to avoid a large number of possible complications and treat the disease successfully. To establish the diagnosis it is recommended to undergo a full gynecological examination, to perform a colposcopy, ultrasound examination and other tests as prescribed by the treating doctor.

To date, there is no unanimous opinion about the cause of endometriosis. Some specialists associate this process with retrograde menstruation, others with physiological features:

  • the structure of fallopian tubes;
  • metaplastic processes;
  • specific immune factors;
  • genetic predisposition, etc.

The Medical Center “DoctorPRO” proposes to conduct the treatment of the uterus endometriosis in Cherkassy by effective non-surgical methods. Depending on the location and the degree of prevalence of the process, age and other factors, experienced gynecologists will make a schedule for effective medication and physiotherapy. Timely treatment will enable to avoid the need for surgical interventions and prevent such complications of endometriosis as:

  • rupturing of ovarian cysts;
  • formation of adhesive processes in the fallopian tubes;
  • chronic pelvic pain;
  • infertility.

Prophylaxis of endometriosis consists in observing the following recommendations: to be examined regularly by a gynecologist, to treat infectious and inflammatory processes in time, to limit physical and sexual activity during menstruation. The specialists of “DoctorPro” in Cherkassy will help not only cure but also prevent the development of the disease.

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