Interruption of pregnancy (medical abortion) in "DoctorPRO" in Cherkasy and Kropivnitsky

К нам обратились

For each woman, the interruption of unwanted pregnancy is a difficult process, both physiologically and psychologically. The gentlest method of solving this problem is a medical abortion. Firstly, it does not require operational intervention, it is conducted painlessly and it is easier to tolerate morally.

Among other important advantages:

  • the procedure is rather fast;
  • it is conducted on an outpatient basis;
  • there are no negative consequences (preservation of fertility);
  • the possibility of infection and traumatic damage to the uterus is excluded.

Medical abortion on the early terms is the best alternative to the surgical abortion. It is important to remember that this method is effective only on the initial date (up to 5 weeks). Only a timely visit to the doctor can help to avoid the risk of further surgical interventions and negative consequences.

In the medical centers "DoctorPRO" in Cherkasy and Kropivnitsky, medical abortion is performed using checked drugs that have a sparing effect on the female body. The pregnancy disruption is carried out under strict medical supervision, after which recommendations regarding the recovery period and the date of the control admission are appointed.

After a medical abortion, you should:

  • avoid acute exercise;
  • stop sexual activity for 2-3 weeks;
  • do not drink alcohol (reduces the effectiveness of drugs);
  • observe the rules of intimate hygiene carefully.

In order to avoid complications, it is important to stick to all the prescriptions and come to the gynecologist for an examination in due time. The follow-up visit also involves the procedure of ultrasound examination, which evaluates the venter state and records the absence of the pregnancy.

Preparation for the medical abortion (abortion)

The process of the medical abortion consists of three stages. During the first visit, an experienced gynecologist examines the patient, conducts ultrasound examination, determines the duration of pregnancy and excludes contraindications to it. If the term is insignificant and the fetal egg is not yet visible, it may require additional blood donation for laboratory tests. The total cost of abortion is formed individually and depends on the week of pregnancy, the cost of drugs and additional services (medical consultations, ultrasound examinations).

Medical abortion has some contraindications, among which:

  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • increased uterine myoma;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • chronic diseases of the urinary, circulatory, gastrointestinal, respiratory systems;
  • severe extra genital pathologies.

If no contraindications are found during the initial consultation, it is possible to conduct an abortion in Cherkasy and Kropivnitsky (more precisely, its first stage) on the same day. Under the supervision of a doctor, you take the first drug that blocks the production of hormones responsible for the development of pregnancy. The second visit to the gynecologist (36-48 hours) involves taking a second medication, the action of which is aimed at contracting the uterus and expelling the fetal egg. If you stick to all medical prescriptions and timely treatment, the risk of adverse reactions is minimal and depends only on individual tolerability.

The cost of abortion includes not only the price of drugs but the entire cycle of examinations (before and after the procedure). Specialists of the medical centers "DoctorPRO" in Cherkasy and Kropivnitsky are professionals in their field who strictly stick to the medical ethics. You can be sure that the procedure will be comfortable, safe and anonymous.

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