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Intimate Plastic Department at «DoctorPRO»

With the help of intimate plasty, you can eliminate both congenital and acquired defects caused by age-related changes or injuries, correct the shape of the genitals and restore their aesthetically attractive appearance.

What is intimate plasty?

Intimate plastic surgery is a surgical intervention with two goals at once: improving the appearance of the genitals in women and men, as well as improving the quality of sexual life. There are several types of intimate plasty in gynecology:

  • episioplasty (vaginaplasty);
  • labioplasty (change in shape and size of large and small labia);
  • hymenoplasty (restoration of virginal membrane);
  • clitoris plasty (clitoris enlargement);
  • defloration (surgical removal of virginal membrane)
  • enlargement of G spot;
  • intimate peeling;
  • plasmolifting and mesotherapy of the intimate zone.

Intimate plasty for men is also popular, as it allows not only to get rid of cosmetic defects in the genitals, but also to improve significantly the quality of sexual life. Types of male intimate surgery are as follows:

  • frenum plasty;
  • posthetomy (circumcision);
  • penis enlargement;
  • plasma therapy to correct penis curvature (in Peyronie disease).

These are minimally invasive procedures that are performed on an outpatient basis. A man does not need to be in a hospital, so the operation can be performed without interrupting the usual rhythm of life.

Why do intimate plasty?

The possibilities of intimate plasty are not limited to solving problems of aesthetic nature - with its help it is possible to restore the lost functionality of the genitals. Women often go to doctors for vaginal plastic surgery after childbirth - the operation can restore sexual sensitivity by strengthening the pelvic diaphragm muscles and narrowing the vagina. Vaginoplasty also solves the problems of involuntary urination and prolapse of the vaginal walls.

Clitoris plasty allows a woman to enhance the acuity of sexual sensations: surgeon removes excess skin folds covering its glans, enlarges or vice versa, reduces the clitoris size. Plastic surgery of female organs is also carried out in order to correct the shape and size of the large and small labia. It can help eliminate tissue stretching and asymmetry, reduce the labia, which cause physical discomfort, especially when walking, and make it impossible to wear tight underwear and tight clothes.

The main indications for gynecological plastic surgery are:

  • congenital malformations of the genitals;
  • problems of a sexual nature (weak excitation, difficulty in achieving orgasm);
  • discomfort during intercourse;
  • dissatisfaction with the appearance of intimate areas;
  • age-related changes (stretching, flabbiness, pigmentation, etc.).

Why to enlarge G spot?

A woman's ability to experience pleasure during intimacy with a partner largely depends on the physiological characteristics of her genitals. A decrease in vaginal tone as a result of age-related changes or childbirth often causes difficulties in achieving orgasm and problems in personal relationships. Intimate contour correction is capable of increasing the quality of sexual life and maximizing pleasure from intercourse for a woman and her partner - increase in the G-spot volume.

G spot is an erogenous zone on the front wall of vagina, stimulation of which makes it easier to achieve vaginal orgasm and enhance sexual sensations. G-spot augmentation is a procedure to increase it with injections of hyaluronic acid. As a result, the erogenous zone increases in diameter and volume, which greatly facilitates its stimulation. Vagina becomes narrower, so both partners experience more pleasure during sex. The effect of filler injection lasts for 6-8 months.

Indications for G-spot enlargement:

  • difficult access to the erogenous zone due to the curved shape of the vagina or a decrease in the tone of its walls;
  • difficulty in reaching orgasm;
  • decreased sexual vigor.

Where to make intimate plasty?

You can undergo plastic surgery of the genitals in the medical centers "DoctorPRO" in Kiev, Cherkassy, Kropivnitskiy. Our gynecological surgeons use only minimally invasive techniques that do not adversely affect reproductive health. Operations are performed on an outpatient basis and do not require long-term rehabilitation.

Plastic surgery of intimate areas is performed after examination by doctor and medical testing. This is necessary in order to exclude contraindications and to avoid possible complications after surgery. You can make appointment for intimate plasty at the medical centers “DoctorPRO” in Kiev, Cherkassy, Kropivnitskiy by leaving application on the website or by calling the specified phone number.

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