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Clitoral plasty in Kiev и Cherkassy

One of the reasons for anorgasmia, a condition when a woman does not derive pleasure during intercourse, is the small size of her clitoris. This anatomical feature is not a pathology, but it makes it difficult to stimulate it and impairs the quality of a woman's sexual life. To increase clitoris sensitivity, facilitate the orgasm and enhance its intensity, clitoral plasty will help.

Plasty of clitoris hood in Kiev

Plasty of clitoris hood is a minimally invasive injection procedure that not only improves the appearance of external genital organs, but also enhances sexual sensations by facilitating stimulation of this erogenous zone and increasing its sensitivity. The essence of the procedure consists in injecting a hyaluronic acid preparation into a certain area of clitoris hood, due to which its glans get bigger and "peek out" of skin folds. This effect lasts for 6-8 months, after which the drug is completely absorbed and the clitoris returns to its original size.

Indications for plasty of clitoris hood:

  • small organ size;
  • hood prolapse (usually accompanied by a large size of labia minora);
  • scars or adhesions on the clitoris hood preventing its exposure;
  • remoteness of the clitoris glans from vaginal orifice making it difficult to stimulate it during intercourse.

Injection clitoroplasty is performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure takes no longer than 60 minutes (its duration will be determined more precisely by the doctor during a preliminary consultation). During the first 3-5 days after plastic surgery, you must refrain from sexual intercourse in order to avoid drug redistribution. Clitoral hood plasty is done from the age of 18.

Correction of clitoris hood by radio wave method in Cherkassy

Correction of clitoris hood is a minimally invasive surgical procedure aimed at removing excess skin folds that cover the clitoris. Due to this, stimulation of the organ is facilitated, since during excitement its gland is completely exposed, sensations during sex are enhanced.

Surgical reduction of the clitoral hood is performed using radio waves, which guarantees the absence of stitches, bleeding and other postoperative complications. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis using general or local anesthesia and is characterized by a short recovery period.

Two to three weeks after the operation, it is necessary to practice proper hygiene of genitals, refrain from sexual intercourse, masturbation, taking a hot bath, visiting sauna or steam room.

Why to increase clitoris gland volume?

Normally, during sexual excitement, the clitoris swells from the rush of blood to the genitals, increases in size, and from under the hood (the skin fold covering it), the glans peeps out - the most sensitive part of the organ, stimulation of which leads to orgasm. But some anatomical features prevent clitoris exposure and reduce its sensitivity. Clitoroplasty, a procedure to enlarge the clitoris, will help to fix this.

Indications for clitoral plasty:

  • small size of the organ;
  • excess skin folds in the hood, scars and adhesions that prevent normal glans exposure;
  • remoteness of clitoris glans from vaginal orifice.

How to enlarge clitoris?

The clitoris correction is carried out on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. The procedure is safe and painless. It consists in injecting hyaluronic acid into clitoris, thereby increasing the size of the organ. The effect lasts for 6 months - during this time the drug is absorbed and excreted from the body.

Injection clitoroplasty takes up to 40 minutes (the duration of procedure will be determined by doctor at a preliminary consultation). The first 3-5 days after plastic surgery, you must refrain from sexual intercourse in order to avoid redistribution of the drug.

Is it possible to enlarge clitoris in a non-surgical way? Yes, at the medical center "DoctorPRO" in Kiev and Cherkassy correction of the clitoris size is carried out using injection techniques. Make appointment for clitoroplasty by calling the indicated phone number or leaving online application.

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