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Plastic surgery of the penis frenulum in "DoctorPRO" in Cherkasy

Men try not to talk about their sexual problems. But understatement or ignoring the problems in the sexual sphere only turns up the pressure. A person becomes reserved and creates an atmosphere of discomfort around him.

Meanwhile, with the help of a qualified specialist, the problem can be easily solved. It also concerns the deformed frenulum of the penis.

Plastic surgery will help

First of all, the patient should arrange a visit to the urologist of the medical center "DoctorPRO" in Cherkasy. After a full medical examination, the doctor may recommend plastic surgery of the penis frenulum.

This operation:

  • is absolutely safe;
  • provides local anesthesia;
  • takes a few minutes;
  • is conducted using radio waves in the clinic "DoctorPRO" in Cherkasy.

Why is the delay dangerous?

If the problem is not solved, the bursting of the foreskin frenulum can occur. First of all, it is related to the physiological characteristics of a man. Most men have the sufficiently elastic frenulum, so it allows a normal and completely painless sexual intercourse. But some men have a short penis frenulum. During passionate love making, active masturbation, careless movements, micro traumas or a frenulum bursting are possible.

This defect also affects the quality of sexual intercourse. Often men who have a short frenulum suffer from premature ejaculation.

So, a person may face not only with physiological problems but also with psychological ones.

Just a few minutes

With the help of an experienced specialist, your problem can be solved once and for all. In addition, the frenulum correction does not take much time: only 15-20 minutes. The operation completely eliminates the risk of inflammation and complications.

Plastic surgery of the foreskin frenulum with the help of the apparatus "Surgitron"

The penis frenulum is a longitudinal small crease in the lower part of the penis which plays an important role in the intimate life of a man. In a normal state, it easily lengthens, exposing the balanus. A short frenulum is an intimate defect that causes a man not only inconveniences but also serious problems.

First of all, there may be pain during the sexual intercourse. If the function of balanus is impaired, the frenulum may be injured. As a rule, trauma is accompanied with bleeding and scar formation, which shortens it even more. And here you cannot do without an adequate treatment.

Some men doubt: "Maybe it's not worth consulting doctors with such a problem?" It is worthwhile because if you don't eliminate the anatomical pathology of the penis structure, this can lead to a number of complications:

Erectile dysfunction – complete or partial;

  • development of bleeding and the wound infection;
  • penis inflammation;
  • psychological impotence.

To restore the anatomical abilities of the balanus, you need the help of the professional urologist.

The medical center "DoctorPRO" will help the patients to conduct the plastic surgery of the frenulum. We use the radio wave surgery that is a modern method of treating similar pathologies and doesn't destroy soft tissues.

The plastic surgery is conducted with the help of the radio surgical device “Surgitron”. Its advantages are the following:

  • minimal mechanical and thermal tissue trauma is observed;
  • the radio wave scalpel does not leave burns;
  • the tissues are not charred;
  • accelerates the tissues healing;
  • reduces the time of surgical interventions.

After the frenulum plastic surgery, the erectile capacity of the penis is normalized. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, experienced doctor only should conduct it, because the frenulum contains a lot of nerve endings.

Also in "DoctorPRO" the patients will be offered to undergo a full diagnosis of the pathology and will be selected the optimal treatment option.

In order to take a step towards the recovery and the full life, it is enough to arrange a visit to the urologist of the center. You can do this by calling or leaving an application on the website of the medical institution.

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