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Treatment of Peyronie’s disease with plasma therapy in Cherkasy and Kropivnickiy

PRP therapy (PRP) of the penis is an injection method for treating Peyronie disease, erectile dysfunction by administering the thrombocyte-rich plasma of a patient. The result of the procedure is the removal of pain, improving sexual life, reducing chordee.

Advantages of PRP therapy

PRP therapy in urology is a safe procedure – it does not cause allergic reactions or infection, since the patient’s own blood plasma is injected into different parts of the penis.

 Also, the procedure has a number of advantages:

  • effectiveness;
  • painlessness;
  • noninvasiveness;
  • no healing period;
  • no side effects;
  • can be carried out at any age;
  • performed on an outpatient basis – no need to be in the hospital.

The result of PRP therapy has a cumulative effect, and the first improvements appear after the first procedure (up to 6 procedures are performed in total).

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