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According to clinical observations, breast diseases occur in 30% of women. Basically, this is due to the fact that the organ tissues react sensitively to hormonal changes, which, in any case, are present in a woman’s life (gestation or lactation period, menopause, etc.). Normally, these processes do not cause the development of the disease, but in order to identify the pathology in time, every woman should undergo an annual checkup and examination with a specialized professional.

A doctor who controls the health of the mammary glands is a mammologist. Cherkassy women have the opportunity to undergo a breast examination in the clinic “DoctorPRO” which specialists have modern equipment, and the daily working practice is organized according to world standards.

What diseases does the mammologist treat?

The competence of a mammologist presupposes the timely detection and treatment of breast pathologies due to a rapid change in the hormonal balance, the development of a tumor process or inflammation.

The most common diseases of the mammary glands include the following:

  • mastitis (infectious inflammation in the mammary ducts, during lactation it occurs in 85% of women);
  • engorgement (obturation of the mammary duct due to stagnation of milk, it occurs in 30% of lactating mothers);
  • benign dysplasia: fibrous mastopathy or fibroadenosis (50% of cases, structural change of tissue with a predominance of fibrous components) and cystic mastopathy with epithelial proliferation or fibrocystosis (changes in tissue with a pronounced cystic component);
  • gynecomastia (benign pathological hypertrophy of mammary gland tissue in men);
  • atrophy of the mammary gland (simultaneous descent of both mammary glands due to a strict diet, breast feeding or some gynecological diseases);
  • galactorrhea (sudden lactation in men and women due to prolactin secretion disorder);
  • post-lactation subinvolution of the mammary gland (decrease in the volume of the glandular tissue of the breast against the background of ptosis and asymmetry of the mammary glands);
  • mastodynia (tenderness of the mammary gland, which is observed in 50% of cases), etc.

How is the examination with a mammologist performed?

Examination and consultation of the mammologist should be regular and included in the mandatory annual list of preventive visits to the doctor. A systematic visit to the doctor is the key to maintaining health, as it enables to identify a disease or disorder at an early stage. A visit to the mammologist is usually performed at a certain period of the cycle - on the day 5-6, that is, before the onset of ovulation.

The following signs are indicative of the development of the pathological process:

  • change in size, asymmetry of the mammary glands;
  • skin deformity, redness of the mammary glands;
  • the presence of indurations;
  • an increase in regional lymph nodes;
  • pain in the mammary gland;
  • retraction and cracks in the nipples, discharge from them, etc.

Also, the cause of off-hour visits to the doctor is the presence of diseases of the genitals, a sense of discomfort in the breast against the background of diseases of the mammary glands in the history and trauma.

At a primary examination, the mammologist, after the history intake, examines the gland to identify the indurations. During the checkup, a comparative examination of the breast is carried out in different positions of the body and limbs (with the arms raised/lowered, standing/lying position, etc.), after which the delivery of medical tests schedule is assigned.

The diagnostics often includes the following:

  • ultrasound examination;
  • mammography;
  • scintigraphy (isotope visualization);
  • ductography (X-ray of the ducts);
  • smear from the nipple, followed by an examination of the material;
  • tissue biopsy;
  • consultation with a gynecologist and etc.

Qualified mammologists of the “DoctorPRO” clinic use all methods of modern medicine to make an accurate diagnosis, and our laboratories provide the results of the examinations within the specified deadlines. To make an appointment in our clinic in Cherkassy, you can call us at the specified phone numbers or leave an online application indicating the desired date and time of the visit.

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