Treatment of mastitis in Cherkasy

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Mastitis is an inflammatory process that occurs in the mammary gland. Most often the disease is associated with breastfeeding.

Modern medicine distinguishes the following types of mastitis:

  • lactation, which is associated with stagnation in the mammary gland during the period of infant feeding;
  • pediatric - engorgement of the mammary glands of infants due to the increased concentration in their blood of female sex hormones transferred from the mother’s blood;
  • fibrocystic, which is not associated with breastfeeding, but is formed due to changes in the structure of tissues;
  • purulent - mastitis caused by an infection in the ducts of the mammary gland.

Causes and symptoms of mastitis

The disease can be identified by the following characteristic signs:

  • pain, discomfort in the chest, sometimes itchy skin;
  • changes in the consistency of mammary tissue — the breast is dense by touch, increases in size;
  • redness and peeling of the skin, burning sensation and itching;
  • deterioration of the general condition — high body temperature, weakness;
  • symptoms of intoxication of the body — nausea and vomiting, dizziness;
  • appearance of pus and blood streaks in milk.

The most common causes of inflammation are the stagnation of milk in the mammary ducts. In the event of an infection, purulent mastitis develops.

How is the diagnosis made?

For diagnostics of inflammation of the mammary tissue, visual examination and palpation are often sufficient. The focus of inflammation is defined as a dense, painful area of tissue in the breast.

Additionally, an ultrasound examination is performed in order to clarify the localization of the pathological process. In the presence of purulent discharge from the nipple, the material is taken for microbiological testing. A general blood test is required to assess the severity of the body’s immune response to inflammation as an increase in the number of white blood cells.

How is the treatment of mastitis performed?

It is very important to visit a mammology clinic when the first symptoms of the disease appear. Timely adequate therapy of the pathological process will help you avoid serious complications of mastitis in the future. Breast tissue is quite loose, with lots of fiber. It is the physiological structure of the breast that contributes to the rapid progression of the disease, therefore the treatment must not be delayed.

In the early stages, conservative treatment with medication is carried out. Broad-spectrum antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are applied. After suppressing the acute process, it is necessary to prescribe supportive therapy — immunomodulators and vitamins. During massive antibiotic therapy, the use of probiotics is recommended to restore the intestinal microflora.

If you notice symptoms of inflammation, make an appointment with a doctor, using the form on the website, or by telephone. Specialists will conduct effective mastitis treatment in the clinic “DoctorPRO”.

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