Otitis treatment in Cherkasy

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Otitis is a common ENT disease associated with inflammatory processes in the hearing organs. It occurs as a complication after influenza, sore throat and other infectious diseases. It requires mandatory timely treatment, as it can lead to partial or complete hearing loss, cause the development of sepsis, meningitis, or abscess of the brain.

Causes and symptoms

The development of otitis media is contributed by a decrease in systemic immunity and such adverse factors as:

  • hypothermia;
  • pathology of the upper respiratory tract;
  • foci of chronic infection in the body;
  • blows, head injuries, scratches and ear micro cracks;
  • sudden drops in atmospheric pressure (in the mountains and under water).

The primary causative agents of the disease are pathogenic bacteria and hemophilic bacilli which enter the hearing organs from the nasopharynx or with the bloodstream, or can penetrate through the damaged eardrum.

Symptoms of otitis:

  • pain sensations in the ear;
  • shooting pain, popping, discharge from the ear;
  • noise, ringing, stuffiness in ear;
  • temporary hearing loss;
  • temperature rise.

The disease course has several stages. It starts with acute otitis, and if it was not possible to suppress it in germ, it turns into the next stage - purulent otitis. At this stage, purulent discharges accumulate in the ear cavity, which put pressure on the eardrum and cause severe pain even with a slight turn of the head.

With a favorable course of the disease, in the third stage, after the rupture of the tympanic membrane and the discharge of pus from its cavity, the painful symptoms subside and the inflammation gradually disappears. The tympanic membrane grows and hearing is restored. If, after the outflow of pus, painful processes and temperature have resumed, this indicates that the acute form is not properly treated and complications have appeared.

How is the treatment of otitis media performed?

In the clinic “DoctorPRO” in Cherkasy, sparing methods of treating acute and chronic otitis media are used. Conservative drug therapy is combined with advanced methods of hardware treatment, which enables to stop the inflammatory process in the middle ear cavities and restore health much faster.

The treatment in the clinic is preceded by a thorough examination of the patient to establish a precise diagnosis:

  • video otoscopy of the external auditory canal is carried out with a reflector with illumination;
  • collection of exudate from the ear for bacteriological study;
  • visual examination of the oropharynx and nasal cavity;
  • clinical blood test;
  • radiography.

After diagnostics and establishing the diagnosis, an effective treatment regimen is selected for the patient. If a patient visits a doctor with the first symptoms of developing otitis, the treatment will not take much time. It will be sufficient to perform local therapy in the area of the ear, combined with the treatment of the nasopharynx, which was the initial location of the infection.

In case of acute purulent otitis with high temperature, anti-inflammatory therapy and a course of antibiotics are prescribed. After eliminating the acute symptoms, physiotherapeutic procedures can be performed. For these purposes, the Tonsillor 3MM ultrasonic vacuum apparatus is used in the clinic.

Under the influence of low-frequency ultrasound, the auditory pathway and the internal tympanic cavity are saturated with an antibacterial drug with the help of a waveguide with a nozzle, and anesthesia and resorption of inflammations occur. In addition, the phonophoresis of the submandibular, prootic and opisthotic lymph nodes is performed with the Tonsillor apparatus. Several hardware procedures accelerate significantly the recovery.

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