Physiotherapeutic procedures in endocrinology in “DoctorPRO”

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Diseases of the endocrine glands affect significantly the overall health of the person. They cause headaches, swelling of limbs, rapid gain or loss of weight, mood swings, hair loss and others. In order to eliminate these symptoms and accelerate the recovery in endocrine diseases, it is necessary to contact an experienced endocrinologist as soon as possible, to undergo examination and complex therapy.

In the medical center “DoctorPRO”, drug therapy is used for the treatment of diabetes with vascular complications, hyperthyroidism and hypoparathyroidism with complications,. Physiotherapeutic procedures in endocrinology, in particular, ultrasound, laser and magnetic therapy, helps to achieve a more rapid and persistent result. They have the following effects:

  • analgesic;
  • immunostimulating;
  • hypotensive;
  • antiedematous;
  • sedative;
  • trophic-stimulating.

Doctors in “DoctorPRO” apply the treatment of endocrine diseases with the help of an alternating magnetic field. Its advantage consists in the absence of additional pharmacological load on the body, painlessness, and high efficiency. Already after several sessions, a noticeable improvement in well-being occurs, the risk of complications is reduced, the function of blood vessels and glands of internal excretion is normalized.

Physiotherapeutic procedures in endocrinology can be used both in case of exacerbations of the diseases and during remission to prevent relapses. Treatment with a magnetic field also helps cleanse the body of toxins, reduce cholesterol levels, improve the work of the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

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