Physiotherapeutic procedures in urology in “DoctorPRO”

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In the clinic “DoctorPRO”, effective treatment of erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, enuresis and the bladder diseases is performed using both pharmacological preparations and physiotherapeutic procedures. They contribute to the following:

  • prevent the risk of complications or exacerbations;
  • reduce pain;
  • increase the efficiency of drugs;
  • eliminate inflammation;
  • improve metabolism and microcirculation.

Physiotherapeutic procedures in case of erectile dysfunction stimulate hemodynamic processes in the penis. In addition, they help restore or increase potency and eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation.

In infectious and inflammatory pathologies (prostatitis, chronic urethritis, prostate adenoma, cystitis), physiotherapeutic sessions are used to improve the permeability of medications. They also have immunostimulating, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, restore muscle and blood vessel tone, normalize urinary and sexual functions.

In the “DoctorPRO” Department of urology, patients can undergo the following procedures in case of prostatitis and erectile disorders:

  • LNP-therapy (local negative pressure);
  • magnetic therapy;
  • photoelectrostimulation;
  • laser therapy;
  • ultrasound therapy (phonophoresis).

The medical center has a modern equipment base. The procedures are carried out in the clinic and are completely painless.

Our experts will help not only to get rid of a number of urological pathologies, but also to improve the quality of intimate life. To register for a consultation, leave a request on the website or call the telephone number indicated.

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