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Treatment of hemorrhoids with laser vaporization in Kiev and Chernigov

Hemorrhoids is a proctological disease associated with inflammation of the veins of the rectum and the formation of hemorrhoids. For the treatment of pathology, the method of laser vaporization of hemorrhoidal nodes is used – a minimally invasive intervention performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

How to remove hemorrhoids with a laser?

Laser vaporization is a bloodless technique when a laser beam cauterizes and “vaporizes” hemorrhoidal nodes without affecting healthy tissue.

Indications for hemorrhoid laser treatment are the following:

  • 1 and 2-degree hemorrhoids;
  • bleeding hemorrhoids;
  • development of thrombosed hemorrhoids;
  • loss of internal nodes;
  • occurrence of anal fissures.

Sometimes vaporization is also resorted to in the later stages of the disease but in this case, it is combined with other surgical techniques.

Contraindications for vaporization are the following:

  • acute inflammatory infections or chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • presence of large internal or external hemorrhoidal nodes.

Laser vaporization requires preparation of the patient: diet and evacuation of bowels. A proctologist who refers to the procedure will tell you more about this.

Laser hemorrhoids are treated on an outpatient basis. The anal area is anesthetized with lidocaine or a similar drug. When removing external hemorrhoids, the external nodes are cauterized at the base. In the case of internal hemorrhoids, anoscope is used to expand the anus with which the doctor receives the necessary overview and access to the inflamed nodes.

The procedure does not require suturing – the excised site is cauterized by laser. The vaporization duration is from 20 minutes till 1 hour, after which the patient can return to the daily routine.

The benefits of laser vaporization of hemorrhoids

Laser vaporization is actively used in proctology. The main advantages of the procedure:

  • painlessness – local anesthesia is used, general anesthesia is not required;
  • short recovery period – after 2 hours after the operation, the patient returns to the usual daily routine;
  • non-invasiveness – the procedure does not leave scars or cicatricial tissues;
  • sterility – the laser beam cauterizes tissue, thereby destroying all pathogens;
  • bloodlessness – there is no bleeding during the operation, as the laser cauterizes blood vessels;
  • effectiveness – there is no risk of relapse or postoperative complications.

Due to its advantages, the procedure is used not only for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Laser vaporization of an anal fissure is also available to patients of the medical center “Doctor PRO”.

Recovery after laser vaporization

Complete tissue healing after laser vaporization takes 2-3 weeks. After termination of the action of the anesthetic, the patient may experience slight pain in the anal area which disappears after 1-2 days. A proctologist can prescribe painkillers that completely eliminate the pain.

After removing hemorrhoids with a laser, we recommend the following:

  • reduce physical activity and give up on lifting weights;
  •  do not visit the bathhouse, sauna, swimming pool, do not swim in natural reservoirs;
  • follow a diet with a lot of fiber.

During the rehabilitation period, the proctologist conducts a second examination of the patient to monitor tissue healing.

Laser removal of hemorrhoids in Kiev is available at the medical center “Doctor PRO”. You can make an appointment for a consultation with a proctologist by contact phone number or on our website.

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