Preparation for the examination

К нам обратились

The most important thing, which you need to do before the proctologist’s examination - to restrict food intake and cleanse the intestines. Try to make an appointment to the doctor in the morning - so it will be more comfortable for you.

On the day before the examination do not eat foods that cause flatulence: fruits and vegetables (especially cabbage, apples and grapes), legumes, dairy products, farinaceous products, soft drinks, sweet water and juices, dried fruits, cereals. Exclude consumption of salty and spicy products. It is also possible to take activated charcoal - it helps reduce flatulence. What can you eat? Sandwich (grain bread and butter), mashed potatoes, boiled lean meat (rabbit, beef, turkey, chicken), broths.

In the evening, it is necessary to clean the intestines. To do this, you can use an enema (using a rubber bulb or an Esmarch's irrigator), a microenema (available at pharmacies), drink a laxative. Consult a doctor or choose the most suitable option for you.

Remember that the most natural and safe option is a usual enema. But quite time-consuming. In the evening (before the visit to the proctologist), it is necessary to put two cleansing enemas - for example, at 19.00 and 21.00, and another - in the morning (3-4 hours prior to examination). On the day of attendance, try not to eat. If absolutely unbearable, you can drink tea with hard biscuits.

If the reason of referring to the proctologist is severe pain in the anal area, bleeding, then the morning defecation before the examination will be sufficient. In this case (if necessary) you will be assigned therapy to relieve disease recurrence, and after you will pass instrumental examination.

If you cannot visit the doctor in the morning, and you have appointment for proctologist’s examination in the afternoon (without the possibility to do a cleansing enema), try to do all the procedures before leaving the house. And as much as possible to eat as little as possible - tea with sandwiches, chocolate, eggs.

Remember that proctologist’s examination will not give you much trouble and discomfort. In DoctorPRO work only experienced doctors who will correctly and delicately conduct the examination, explain and show the patient what is his/her problem. The medical center uses only modern equipment for examination. If necessary, the doctor will anesthetize the perianal area, and you will not feel pain. Be healthy!

Administering an enema domiciliary

Pour into an Esmarch's irrigator up to one and a half liters of drinking water at room temperature (26-28 degrees), raise it to a height of 1-1.5 m and release a small amount of water (and together with it the air). It is necessary to lie on the left side with the legs bent and pulled up to the stomach. Grease the tip with vegetable oil and baby cream. Just insert the tip (3-4 cm) towards the navel, the other - parallel to the coccygeal bone. Turn on the tap. Almost immediately, there will be defecation urgencies. Reduce the speed of the water supply, you may stroke your belly with circular motions. It is desirable to retain water for about 10 minutes. Take a break for at least 35 minutes between the two enemas. After each enema make sure the water with fecal residues came out.

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