Retroscopy and anoscopy as a diagnostic method

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Anoscopy and rectoscopy are safe and gentle methods of endoscopy. They can accurately and reliably determine the condition of the sigmoid and rectum. As a result, the doctor will choose the optimal treatment option without consequences and complications.

The method is based on the use of a special device - a sigmoidoscope and an anoscope. With their help, you can identify even the initial stage of inflammation, identify pathologies or defects of a congenital or acquired character.

Devices are able to penetrate to a depth of 28-32 cm for testing the sigmoid colon and 8-12 cm for the anus. If the hemorrhoids or other deficiencies are too high, it is not advisable to apply the anoscope. In this case, use the rectoapparatus.

In both cases, the procedure resembles a normal rectal examination. The doctor will accurately, painlessly and accurately carry out her every step. It's nothing to be afraid of!  In the medical network “DoctorPRO” you can quickly go through the examination without pain and discomfort. Our specialists will solve your problem delicately and will remain confidential.

The secret of holding

There is nothing terrible during the session. The device excludes contact with the intestinal wall, thanks to a special gel-based lubricant. This ensures no pain symptoms.

The device takes a course forward and slowly moves along the lumen. At this time the doctor fixes what he saw with a special built-in mini camera. A few minutes and the results are ready!

What is the benefit of the examination?

The variant of such diagnostics will allow to reveal:

  •  the cause of discomfort or pain due to a tumor, ulcer or polyp;
  •  purulent neoplasms;
  •  infiltrative reaction;
  •  unusual signs of the mucosa.

For whom rectosession is forbidden?

If you have:

  • diseases of the peritoneum;
  • acute anus inflammation;
  • profuse bleeding, constriction of a lumen or a crack.

In such cases, other methods of research should be used. Make an appointment with “DoctorPRO” in your city!

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