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Hair loss is increased hair loss due to genetic or acquired pathological factors. Both men and women are susceptible to this disease. For men, the formation of bald patches is often observed, whereas women have thinning of the hair and a decrease in the density of the hair coat.

Today, trichologists classify pathology as:

  • total alopecia, characterized by complete loss of hair on the head;
  • androgenic alopecia, in which patients of both sexes have a significant thinning of the hair;
  • diffuse alopecia, accompanied by damage to the entire hairline;
  • focal (alopecia) alopecia, which is characterized by localized alopecia;
  • cicatricial alopecia is a pathological replacement of hair follicles by scar tissue.

Causes of baldness

Today, it is difficult to establish the causes of baldness, but in most cases, baldness in men is mediated by the activity of the hormonal system (dihydrotestosterone inhibits the ability of the hair bulb to produce new hair) or hereditary predisposition. Baldness in women is mainly associated with the presence of somatic diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, Addison's disease, etc.) with the use of certain medications.

Experts identify the following factors that increase the likelihood of alopecia:

  • presence of metabolic disorders;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • stress;
  • protein-poor diet and avitaminosis;
  • scalp injuries, etc.

Independently establish the causes of hair loss is impossible, so we recommend to seek professional help from a specialist when the first symptoms of the disease appear and not to apply doubtful folk remedies for baldness. Timely detection of the problem and competent diagnosis multiply the effectiveness of treatment and the speed of restoring the health of the hair.

Signs of baldness, indicating the need to visit a doctor, are:

  • increased hair loss;
  • slow growth of new hairs;
  • formation of bald spots;
  • itching, redness, and peeling of the scalp, etc..

How to stop baldness?

Treatment of baldness requires a systemic and professional approach since alopecia is often associated with a variety of disorders in the activity of many body systems: the digestive tract, immunity or endocrine glands. Therefore, often the treatment process is complex, with the involvement of specialists from related fields.

Therapy conducted by the doctors of the DoctroPRO clinic is based on diagnostic data, which often consists of studies of blood parameters, hormonal balance or immunity. Also of great importance is the lifestyle and diet of the patient, his family history.

In the future, the patient is assigned an individual treatment regimen aimed at enhancing the trophism of the hair follicles, improving the local blood circulation and correcting the diet. Topical treatment of hair loss can also be prescribed using different gels, masks, physiotherapeutic procedures or other effective remedies for baldness.

By signing up for an appointment with our doctors, you will receive comprehensive information on how to deal with baldness and what preventive measures to take in the future.

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