Dandruff and itchy of the scalp

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Dandruff is a mild clinical form of seborrheic dermatitis, accompanied by peeling of the skin on the scalp. Dandruff arises due to dysfunction of the sebaceous glands or Malassezia Furfur fungus, an important factor in the development of pathology is the individual features of the structure of the skin (hereditary predisposition).

Specialists trichologists distinguish two types of dandruff:

  • oily dandruff caused by hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands;
  • dry dandruff caused by lack of sebum production.

The manifestation of clinical symptoms directly depends on the type of ailment. Thus, the presence of oily dandruff is accompanied by the presence of inflammation of the scalp and an increase in the layers of the epidermis cells, when dry seborrhea causes flaking and burning of the scalp, and the hair becomes thinner and becomes prone to breakage. The occurrence of dry dandruff is often associated with the pathological activity of the fungus due to reduced immunity, hormonal disruption or stress.

How to get rid of dandruff?

The treatment of dandruff is carried out by a trichologist. The initial stage of therapy is to determine the type of the disease and establish the cause of its occurrence. That is why the independent use of shampoos for dandruff or folk remedies for dandruff does not have the desired effect. The trichologists of the DoctorPRO clinic have extensive experience in treating diseases of the skin and hair of the head and develop an individual treatment plan for their patients.

Therapy involves systemic and local treatment. The drug course consists of drugs that activate the immune system, correct nutrition and normalize the microflora. Topical treatment is aimed at the direct elimination of dandruff and local effects on the pathogenic fungus.

Scalp itching is a pathological condition caused by various disorders of the skin and hair. Since pronounced itching leads to constant scratching, which further enhances the irritation and trauma of the epidermis, there is a high likelihood of skin infection.

The cause of dandruff and head itch may be:

  • parasites (lice or mites) that release skin irritants;
  • seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis, which are accompanied by dryness and flaking of the scalp;
  • allergic to hygiene and hair care products (shampoo and hair dyes, etc.);
  • diseases of the scalp (neurodermatitis, psoriasis or mycoses);
  • somatic diseases (diabetes, hormonal dysfunction, etc.);
  • avitaminosis, especially lack of vitamins: A, B2, B6, D, and E;
  • stress (increased production of adrenaline leads to muscle contraction of local vessels, impaired local blood circulation, nutrition of the skin and hair).

How to get rid of itchy of the scalp?

How to treat itching of the scalp in each case should be determined by the doctor, since the type and effectiveness of therapy depend on the correct identification of the cause of the itch.

Often, treatment for itching of the scalp involves applying:

  • multivitamin complexes;
  • immunostimulants;
  • antihistamine drugs;
  • means for the normalization of microflora;
  • therapeutic shampoos, gels or masks, etc.

Consultations and appointments of qualified specialists of the DoctorPRO clinic allow restoring normal skin functioning in a short time, prevent hair loss and eliminate itching of the scalp.

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