Scalp neurodermatitis

К нам обратились

Scalp neurodermatitis is a recurring inflammatory pathology of a neurogenic nature of an allergic nature. In addition to the hairy part of the head, the disease may appear on the face (forehead, nasolabial triangle, etc.) and neck, being localized at a certain site, or spreading diffusely. Basically, the disease is genetically transmitted, but there are a number of disorders in the functioning of various systems of the body, increasing the likelihood.

Among the factors contributing to the development of neurodermatitis on the head, emit:

  • frequent contact with allergens (dust, food, pollen, etc.);
  • endocrine disorders;
  • neurodisfunctions;
  • uncontrolled taking medication;
  • immune disorders;
  • diseases of the digestive and reproductive systems.

According to clinical signs, in dermatology, the disease is classified as:

  • depigmented, accompanied by the lightening of the affected skin;
  • exudative, in which papules are formed with serous fluid;
  • hypertrophic, expressed by the presence of keratinocyte seals (skin cells);
  • psoriazomorphic with the formation of red flaky plaques.

Causes and symptoms of neurodermatitis on the head

The main reason for the appearance of pathology is a hereditary predisposition, aggravated by the presence of allergies and individual features of the structure of the skin, and the main symptom is a pronounced constant itching.

Also, symptoms of neurodermatitis are the presence of moist skin cracks in the ear zone, redness, and rash on the skin of the head.

Since the patient experiences constant discomfort and combs the skin, thereby enhancing the inflammatory process and the possible addition of a secondary infection. The trichologists of the DoctorPRO clinics network strongly recommend not to postpone the visit to the doctor, but to schedule an appointment with him when the first signs of the disease appear. Timely access to a doctor significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment, provides a favorable prognosis and reduces the risk of developing the disease.

Treatment of scalp neurodermatitis

Since the stimulation of neurodermatitis can be a violation of various organ systems, the first stage of disease therapy is the diagnosis. Often, it consists of a blood test, allergy tests, and skin biopsies to determine the characteristic morphology of the disease.

Treatment of neurodermatitis involves an integrated approach. The composition of therapy depends on the identified causes of the development of the disease and is directed, first of all, to their elimination.

In the future, the patient is often appointed:

  • sedatives to normalize the state of NC;
  • antihistamines to reduce the appearance of an allergic reaction;
  • means for detoxifying the body;
  • immunostimulants and vitamin complexes.

Specialists of the DoctorPRO medical center develop for their patients an individual scheme of local and systemic treatment, which not only stops the symptoms of the disease but also for a long time takes it to the stage of remission. We strongly recommend not to self-medicate, do not use drugs without prescribing and observation by a doctor.

As independent preventive measures to speed up recovery, it is important to avoid scalp injuries when combing, adherence to a hypoallergenic diet, minimizing stress, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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