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Treatment of hair loss

Beautiful thick hair is a highlight of every person. That is why hair thinning and changes in their structure, even or focal loss cause so many confusions.

Persistent hair loss is caused by the following factors:

  • unbalanced diet (strict diets, abuse of fatty foods and sweets, the diet free of foods containing vital trace elements and vitamins);
  • hormonal imbalance (especially in women during pregnancy and lactation, during menopause, due to prolonged use of hormonal contraceptives);
  • age-related changes and gender (for many men, androgenetic alopecia with the formation of a characteristic baldness begins at the age of 30);
  • infectious and fungal diseases affecting the scalp;
  • stressful lifestyle (chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, depression, strong emotional distress);
  • effects of long-term intake of high-potent drugs (chemotherapy, antibiotics);
  • weakening of immunity, vitamin deficiency;
  • neglect of headwear in the winter (hypothermia causes dullness and thinning of hair);
  • improper hair care (frequent use of a hair dryer and straightening irons, making tight «pony-tails», dyeing, chemical perming).

If you began to notice a decrease in the density of the hair and a noticeably increased amount of it on the comb, pillow, it is important to consult immediately a doctor. Initial consultation on hair loss in “DoctorPRO” includes anamnesis taking, visual examination of the hair and scalp, and referral to laboratory tests (general and hormonal). Only after establishing the true cause of hair loss, the doctor prescribes a method of therapy that can return it vitality and former thickness.

Hair loss treatment in “DoctorPRO”

Since hair loss is not an independent disease, but only the result of other pathological changes in the body, it is important to detect them and start treatment in a timely manner. For example, if hair loss in women is caused by avitaminosis, a course of vitamin therapy and medicinal preparations for home care are prescribed. It is more difficult to cease hair loss in men, because in many of them, this process is formed at the genetic level. That is why it is important to start therapy as soon as the first excessive hair loss is noticed.

The choice of therapy also depends on the type of alopecia (diffuse, focal, androgenetic, cicatricial) and its stage. With complete baldness, it is extremely difficult to restore all hair follicles, but in the initial stages, the chances of success are very high. Experts of “DoctorPRO” use effective methods of treatment, including:

  • means for external use (strengthening of hair with medical masks, shampoos, sprays, balms);
  • drugs for oral administration (for the correction of endocrine profile, increase in immunity);
  • physiotherapeutic procedures (hair restoration with the use of hardware magnetic-laser exposure);
  • recommendations for a balanced diet.

Hair loss treatment in Cherkasy, Kropyvnytskyi, Bila Tserkva is performed in a comfortable outpatient settings. An experienced specialist can develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will not only stop hair loss, but also start the process of its recovery.

It is necessary not to postpone the visit to a specialist, because without an appropriate treatment, hair problems will only be aggravated. To register for a consultation, please contact the telephone number listed in the «Contacts» section. Another quick and convenient way is to fill in the feedback form on the site.

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