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A trichologist deals with the treatment of diseases of the scalp and the elimination of problems associated with alopecia, deterioration of hair growth. Before the treatment prescribed by the doctor, the patient undergoes a complex of examinations, one of which is trichoscopy.

What is trichoscopy of hair and scalp?

Trichoscopy is a modern method of diagnosing the health of hair and scalp, which is carried out with the use of a trichoscope. The device is equipped with optical lenses and enables to obtain an image of the area examined, increased if necessary up to 1000 times. Using such a diagnostic trichoscopic system, the hair is studied, and the condition of the hair follicles and the skin of the scalp is determined.

The advantages of the method include its accuracy, safety, painlessness, lack of injury, high informativity and the absence of contraindications.

Trichoscopy of hair and scalp enables the following:

  • diagnose its current state;
  • determine the cause of alopecia and the dynamics of hair loss;
  • evaluate the result of the treatment.

Using trichoscopy of the scalp, the following is determined:

  • type of skin and hair, their general condition;
  • the hair diameter and structure, the degree of its destruction or thinning;
  • number and condition of hair follicles, their possible damage;
  • total amount of hair, its density in different areas of the head and per unit of area;
  • phases and rate of hair growth;
  • symptoms of inflammation on the skin;
  • activity of secretion of sebaceous and perspiratory glands.

Indications for trichoscopy

Diagnostics of the scalp and hair is indicated in the following cases:

  • hair loss, or its slow growth;
  • all types of alopecia;
  • dandruff;
  • dry or oily seborrhea;
  • the need to assess its condition after aggressive chemical exposure (dyeing, curling);
  • aesthetic problems with hair in case they become oily rapidly, dry, brittle, dull, lifeless;
  • the need for individual selection of a complex of caring cosmetics.

Preparation for trichoscopy

To prepare for diagnostics of hair and scalp, you must:

  • wash your hair the day before the planned study;
  • refuse to use cosmetic procedures for hair and scalp on this day;
  • avoid the procedure earlier than two weeks after dyeing the hair.

How is the head examination with a trichoscope conducted?

The examination procedure takes up to half an hour. The doctor analyzes the patient’s complaints and his case history. Then he conducts an examination with the use of a diagnostic trichoscopic system which transmits an enlarged image to the monitor screen, and takes pictures. Processing of images enables to analyze the data obtained and draw conclusions regarding the pattern of the disease, possible additional research, the proposed methods of treatment or its success (with repeated diagnostics).

You can undergo trichoscopy by making an appointment in the medical center “DoctorPRO”. Our specialists use the modern diagnostic system in their work, which enables to obtain the most accurate result in a short time. For making an appointment, call us or fill out the feedback form.

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