Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis in DoctorPRO in Cherkasy

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Pyelonephritis is a chronic inflammation of the pelvis, calyx or kidney parenchyma, which is of bacterial origin.

Symptoms of the chronic pyelonephritis:

  • periodic aching pain in the lumbar region, which does not depend on the position of the body;
  • urination disorders (frequent urination, frequent nocturnal urges);
  • subfebrile body temperature;
  • increase in arterial blood pressure;
  • appearance of swelling, baggy lower eyelids;
  • urine changes (clouding, discoloration, sedimentation);
  • fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite.

Under certain circumstances, patients may experience recrudescence of the chronic pyelonephritis, which is characterized by:

  • temperature rise up to 39 °C;
  • the appearance of pain in the kidneys;
  • worsening of the general state (weakness, abdominal pain, intoxication);
  • edema appearance.

This condition requires immediate medical care, which can be obtained at the urology department of the clinic "DoctorPRO" in Cherkasy. The specialists of our medical center use progressive methods of the treatment in their work, which allow patients to get rid of the health problems.

Analyses for the chronic pyelonephritis:

  • clinical urine and blood analysis;
  • urine and blood chemistry;
  • bacteriological examination of urine;
  • nechiporenko test;
  • zimnitsky, Reberg samples.

The necessity of each analysis is determined by the doctor during the examination.

Reasons for the chronic pyelonephritis

Chronic pyelonephritis is often the result of an untreated or untimely diagnosed acute pyelonephritis.

The transition of the inflammatory process to chronic can be caused by:

  • disturbances of urine outflow due to urolithiasis, prostate adenoma, vesicoureteral reflux, and nephroptosis;
  • inflammatory processes in the body: cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis;
  • diabetes mellitus, obesity, weakening of immunity, intoxication;
  • the formation of specific forms of bacteria that can persist in the kidney tissues for a long time and are activated under certain conditions.

Chronic pyelonephritis in men usually develops because of such diseases as urolithiasis, chronic prostatitis, and adenoma of the paraurethral glands. Chronic pyelonephritis in women is in several times more common than in men. This is due to the anatomical features of their body, because of which bacteria easily enter the urethra.

Effective treatment of the chronic pyelonephritis in Cherkasy is offered by the "DoctorPRO" clinic. In our medical center, a complete examination of patients with the urological diseases is carried out.

In order to prevent complications of the chronic pyelonephritis, it is important to visit our clinic on time.

And also remember that the disease prevention involves:

  • timely treatment of acute infections of the urinary system;
  • regular observation after an acute form of the disease;
  • identifying and sanitizing infection foci in the body;
  • dietary intervention;
  • exclusion of rough labor, work on feet, night shifts, hypothermia, nervous stress;
  • immunity correction and support.

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