Treatment of cyst of the epididymis in Cherkasy

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Cyst of the epididymis (spermatocele) occurs in men of different ages, including adolescents in puberty. A small round-shaped neoplasm filled with a transparent or milk-like secret, has a benign nature and does not manifest itself at first. In advanced cases, with large sizes, it can cause pain, interfere with sexual life and cause male infertility.

Causes of cyst of epididymis

A capsule-shaped cyst is most often located in the region of the head of the testicle, and is formed as a result of problems with semen permeability. It can be found on one testicle, in rare cases, on two of them at once.

The pathology causes are different:

  • congenital abnormalities in the testes and spermaducts;
  • inflammatory processes in history;
  • infectious diseases in history;
  • injuries of the testicles and scrotum.

These causes lead to the fact that the sperm ducts cease to function in the epididymis and the path for the exit of seminal fluid is blocked. Accumulating in the canal, the fluid stretches its walls, forming a capsular connective tissue sheath.

At an early stage, the cyst is practically invisible, and can be detected by chance during the patient’s urological examination. As a disease, it is manifested by 30-40 years of age with increased scrotum size, inconvenience during sexual intercourse, impaired urination, and pain in the groin area.

Symptoms of cyst of the epididymis

A cyst of the epididymis of the testicle with dimensions up to 3 cm in diameter is considered small and does not cause discomfort. As it increases, unpleasant sensations of heaviness and pressure appear in the scrotum when walking, and during intercourse, the nagging pains occur. Swelling of the scrotum with redness of the skin is possible. This happens due to excessive squeezing of the vessels and tissues in the epididymis by the cyst.

Painful symptoms make a man to consult a doctor to determine the causes of illness. An urologist can diagnose a cyst by palpation. In order to clarify the location and volume of the spermatic cyst, as well as to rule out the hydrocele, he can additionally prescribe ultrasound and tests.

How is the treatment of cyst of the epididymis performed in “DoctorPRO”?

The treatment regimen depends on the clinical case and is determined by the results of diagnostics. The patient who seeks help with the problem in the early stages has to undergo examination and observation of the course of the disease.

A patient who visits the doctor due to a cyst of 3 cm or more, which is already causing him inconvenience, can have a recommendation of its surgical excision.

There are other causes which are also indications for cyst excision:

  • infertility;
  • intense pain;
  • fast growth of a neoplasm;
  • suspected oncology presence.

Modern equipment in the Department of urology in the clinic “DoctorPRO” in Cherkasy enables to conduct minimally invasive surgery of cystic formations with the use of advanced radio wave technology.

The course of treatment includes:

  1. Less traumatic cyst excision with the Surgitron apparatus.
  2. 24-5 free return visits.
  3. Ligation.

The device “Surgitron” provides high-precision excision of the neoplasm with a minimum scar. A radio wave incision occurs without physical pressure on the tissue and eliminates damage to the testicle. The surgery is bloodless, aseptic, it is performed quickly, eliminates the risk of swelling, infections, or relapses.

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