Dopplerography as a method of diagnostics

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Dopplerography is a technique for ultrasound examination of vascular circulation.

This study allows in real time to assess the state of blood vessels and blood flow in the human body, in particular:

  • Determine the direction of blood flow, its uniformity, the nature of the changes;
  • Assess the tone of the vessels, the state of the vascular walls;
  • Detect thrombi, aneurysms, atherosclerotic plaques, arterial stenosis, if any;
  • Assess the state of venous blood flow.

Dopplerography refers to the hardware methods of research, characterized by high accuracy and informativeness. With its help, it is possible not only to diagnose the disease, but also to detect signs of the disease at its earliest stages.

If the doctor assumes that the patient has a vascular pathology, he can prescribe dopplerography. This examination in Cherkassy can be done at the medical center “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy. Specialists of high qualification, working on the newest equipment, perform the survey accurately and qualitatively.

The use of dopplerography

In urology, dopplerography is used as a method of diagnosing erectile dysfunction. In this case, the study is performed against the background of an intracavernous doppler test. Its essence is to stimulate the patient's onset of erection with the help of special medications. Often, dopplerography in urology is carried out in conjunction with ultrasound of the scrotum, which makes it possible to get a more complete picture of the health of a man.

Dopplerographic examination of the vessels of the penis allows you to assess the condition of the cavernous bodies, as well as to determine the causes that caused the erectile dysfunction in the patient.

Dopplerography is a painless and safe method of diagnosis, requiring minimal preparation. This study is an important step in diagnosing men health problems.

If the patient has received a referral for this examination, he can seek help from the medical center “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy, where experienced specialists will conduct dopplerography quickly, qualitatively and totally confidentially.

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