Treatment of hydrocele in Cherkasy

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Hydrocele or dropsy of testicular membranes in men is a disease in which fluid accumulates in the cavity of the scrotum, and it increases significantly in size. The amount of fluid may be a few milliliters, or it may be 2-3 liters. As the testicle increases, discomfort increases, and pain syndrome appears. There is congenital dropsy - in children, and acquired - in men of reproductive age.

Causes of hydrocele

In childhood, the appearance of dropsy is due to the boy’s unformed sexual system. This physiological trait in children is common and subsides independently for up to 1.5 years. In boys older than 3 years can have dropsy after influenza, ARVI and other infectious diseases.

In young men, the causes and development of hydrocele are as follows:

  • sports and domestic injuries in the testicles;
  • various inflammatory processes;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • lymphatic drainage disorder;
  • testicular tumors.

Hydrocele itself is not a dangerous disease unless it is transformed into an abscess inside the scrotum. The danger of hydrocele consists in complications that can develop during the advanced stages and have a negative impact on erectile and reproductive function.

Symptoms of hydrocele

Depending on the acute or chronic course, hydrocele manifests itself in different ways:

  • the initial stage is asymptomatic, the first symptoms are an increase in the scrotum without pain, but with discomfort when walking;
  • pronounced clinical symptoms appear with an increase in size over 10 cm, when difficulties with walking, sex life, and urination occur;
  • the acute form of a hydrocele with a purulent pathological process is accompanied by severe pain, fever and a significant increase in the scrotum.
  • if untreated, it is transformed into a chronic form with mild, dull pain.

As a rule, pain in the groin causes the patient’s appointment with an urologist.

How is hydrocele treated in “DoctorPRO”?

The urologist performs a visual examination of the patient, palpation, and additionally prescribes tests: ultrasound of the scrotum and rapid diagnostics of hydrocele – diaphanoscopy to differentiate dropsy from symptomatically similar diseases such as varicocele, oscheocele, spermatic cord tumors, orchitis, and epididymitis. After establishing the diagnosis, the treatment regimen will depend on the course of the disease.

If dropsy has developed against the background of inflammation in the scrotum and there is a little fluid, surgical treatment may not be necessary. Anti-inflammatory therapy is prescribed to eliminate the underlying disease. The suspensory bandage is recommended to the patient at this time until the normal amount of fluid in the scrotum is restored.

With a long-term chronic course of the disease, when there is already a threat of testicular atrophy, surgery is necessary. There are several known methods of surgical removal of excess fluid in the testicle: Winckelmann, Lord, Bergmann. They all suggest abdominal surgery.

In the Department of urology in the clinic “DoctorPRO” in Cherkasy another technique is applied. This is the latest technology of radio wave surgery with the use of modern device of the USA - the Surgitron apparatus. Using it, minimally invasive surgical treatment of hydrocele is performed with a minimal bloodless incision, which leaves no cosmetic defects. The treatment course includes removal of dropsy, ligation, and 6–7 free follow-up visits.

The surgery is performed for no more than half an hour, it is painless, and there is no risk of infection. After two hours, the patient can leave the department and go home. The use of this technique keeps the patient from postoperative complications, he quickly recovers normal functioning and sexual function.

You can make an appointment with an urologist in Cherkasy by contact phone number or use the online appointment form on the “DoctorPRO” website. In the form you need to select the city and the department, specify your data, the desired date and time of the visit.

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