Treatment of infertility in men in “DoctorPRO” in Cherkasy

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Problems with reproductive function in men are as frequent as in women, and the signs of male infertility can manifest themselves in only one case - when a gynecologically healthy woman cannot conceive for a long time. Then the cause must be sought in the man. The doctor can make the diagnosis after examining and studying the results of tests and analyzes.

The initial stage of the examination for male infertility starts with the history taking and examination of the reproductive organs. Fertility data are assessed, and the laboratory tests are prescribed, including sperm analysis.

Male infertility is not a conviction

The obtained information enables identify some problems already at the first stage of the examination. For example, to diagnose varicocele (dilation of the spermatic cord vein), or to see a reduced male fertility (fecundating ability).

If the reasons remain unclear, in the next stage, the diagnosis of infertility in men is carried out according to an expanded program with additional studies that enable to find the problem or specify the diagnosis.

Treatment of male infertility is performed depending on its causes. There can be wide variety of causes of infertility, and only a specialist can identify them accurately, determine and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Causes of male infertility

Secretory infertility is associated with dysfunction of the testicles that produce low-quality sperm. It can be caused by both diseases and external factors:

  • hydrocele, inguinal hernia, varicocele;
  • infectious diseases, mumps in history;
  • exposure to radiation, electromagnetic radiation, medications;
  • bruises and injuries of the genitals, high temperature.

Excretory infertility is associated with inflammatory diseases. Causes of infertility can be prostatitis, vesiculitis, urethritis, in which the concentration of spermatozoa is reduced and their physical activity decreases.

Obstructive infertility is associated with difficult or impossible movement of spermatozoa along the blocked spermaducts. It may be caused by vasectomy, genetic abnormalities, coalescence of the epididymis after acute inflammation or sexually transmitted diseases.

Immunological infertility is associated with the incompatibility of partners and the defeat of sperm with antisperm antibodies. The causes are immunological incompatibility, infections of the reproductive system, trauma, or surgery.

Treatment of infertility in men in Cherkasy is carried out by an urologist in the clinic “DoctorPRO”. There are many causes of infertility, but diagnostic methods in the specialized urology department of the clinic help to identify them, and experienced specialists can prescribe an effective therapy.

Responsible approach to your health is the best prevention of male infertility, that will save you a lot of trouble.

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