Treatment of Peyronie disease at “DoctorPRO” in Cherkasy

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Peyronie disease is a curvature of the penis, caused by proliferation and compaction of fibrous tissue. The disease often occurs at the age older than forty years, but a small percentage of men have a congenital pathology.

Symptoms of Peyronie disease:

  • gradual curvature of the penis in one direction due to fibrous processes progressing in it;
  • on the side of the curvature, subcutaneous indurations in the form of plaques appear;
  • erection is incomplete, with painful sensations;
  • sexual activity is disturbed or becomes impossible.

Men rarely visit an urologist due to the curvature, until they have pain during the intercourse. The primary diagnosis of the disease can be made based on the history and examination of the patient. Despite the fact that it is the curvature of the penis that tells the doctor that he is dealing with Peyronie disease, ultrasound dopplerography is required to evaluate erectile function, and an extended examination using ultrasound is necessary to choose the treatment tactics.

A distinctive feature of Peyronie disease is that when the acute phase passes, the pain gradually decreases. A painful erection no longer brings so much discomfort, and the patient may visit the doctor not immediately, but a year later. During this time, the pathology turns into the chronic phase, the curvature of the penis increases, fibrous plaques become indurated, and later erectile dysfunction appears.

It is much more difficult to treat such an advanced process than in the early stages. Early diagnostics of Peyronie disease allows treatment with medication.

Causes of Peyronie disease

Age is the risk factor for developing the disease, because:

  • predisposition to vascular and hormonal diseases increases;
  • the body ceases producing the necessary amount of collagen;
  • the elasticity of the penis tissues decreases, the soft fibers are gradually replaced by coarse ones;
  • the probability of injury to the penis during sex increases many times.

Microtraumas are the trigger mechanism of the disease.

The acute form of Peyronie disease (the active phase of the disease) lasts up to one and a half years. During this period, the curvature is barely noticeable, but the inflammatory process and the formation of a fibrous plaque under the penis skin progress. Erectile pain may increase.

The chronic form of the Peyronie disease (stable phase) is characterized by a noticeable curvature of the penis, on which scars occur at the sites of the plaques. They prevent the organ from straightening. At this stage, pain disappears, but complications such as erectile dysfunction occur.

Peyronie disease is treated in Cherkasy in the clinic “DoctorPRO”. The earlier the diagnosis is established and the treatment is started, until the plaques have turned into scars, the greater the chances of getting rid of the disease.

After the examination and objective assessment of the patient’s current condition, the urologist selects a treatment regimen for a particular case using combined methods of therapy.

Prevention of Peyronie disease consists in prevention of injuries and microtraumas of the penis, and the need to visit a specialist with the appearance of pain and visual changes.

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