Treatment of premature ejaculation in “DoctorPRO” in Cherkasy

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There are different definitions of the concept of “premature ejaculation”. This is ejaculation before or immediately after the onset of sexual intercourse. It is also determined by the number of frictions or related to the achievement of the partner’s orgasm. But experts consider early ejaculation as sexual dysfunction, consisting in the inability of a man to control ejaculation so that both partners are satisfied with the quality of sexual intercourse.

Diagnostics of premature ejaculation

First, you need to make an appointment with an urologist. The doctor will examine the symptoms, carry out an examination, and prescribe an ultrasound diagnosis. If necessary, the patient will be offered additional diagnostics aimed at studying the sensitivity of the penis and the blood flow of the vessels in it, as well as laboratory tests. A confidential conversation with the doctor will also help to determine the causes of the illness because the inability to control the process of ejaculation is not only physiological but also the psychological problem of the man. Therefore, he may need advice from an andrologist and a psychologist.

Causes of premature ejaculation

They can be divided into two groups: related to health or features of functioning and structure of organs, as well as psychological ones.

Physiological causes:

  • first of all, it is an increased sensitivity of the glans penis (it can be both congenital and acquired);
  • inflammation of seminal vesicles in which spermatozoa and other components of sperm accumulate (chronic vesiculitis). This disease almost always develops associated with prostatitis.

The psychological causes include complex relationships within the couple, the lack of harmony between a man and a woman, false ideas about male power, ignorance of the physiology peculiarities of the male organism.

Treatment of premature ejaculation in Cherkassy

Doctors of the medical center “DoctorPRO” will help to cope with all these problems and to feel mutual satisfaction from intimacy. Treatment will be aimed, first of all, at eliminating the causes of premature ejaculation. After the examination, the patient is provided with an individual course of therapy. Doctors use effective patented preparations of plant origin, which do not disrupt the body as a whole, but at the same time have a positive effect on a particular organ. The use of the vasoactive vascular test is rewarding – this method enables to determine the amount and speed of erection.

Also, with this disease, a course of physiotherapy is indicated, which includes laser therapy, magnetotherapy, electrostimulation. And, of course, an individual approach, attention to each patient is a good addition to the professionalism of the medical center specialists.

Do not waste time and thus aggravate the situation. Trust the doctors of “DoctorPRO” and together you will surely solve the problem. It is easy to appoint a visit to the specialist: just leave an application on the site or make a telephone call.

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