Treatment of psychological impotency in “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy

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It is very important for a man to feel his potency during the intercourse. Therefore, each of them suffers very painfully failures in bed. Though, fiasco during intimacy is not always a consequence of weak physical abilities. Often the cause of impotency is psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

What is a psychological impotency?

The presence of psychosexual problems can be revealed if a man:

  • has uncontrolled spontaneous erections at night or in the morning;
  • has a non-persistent erection during intercourse;
  • has early ejaculation or it is absent;
  • has difficulties with achieving orgasm;
  • has no sexual desire.

What is the cause?

Erectile dysfunction can be the cause of stress, unsuccessful sexual experience, lack of harmony in a couple, problems at work, many other domestic and emotional problems. Sometimes this leads to discomfort from some sexually transmitted diseases.

The situation can be aggravated by drugs, alcohol and even the reaction to a condom. But in any case, you can not expect that everything will be solved by itself. Both physiological and psychological impotency require the help of a specialist.

What to do?

Even casual sexual failure gives the man a reason to doubt his abilities. Self-expression and fear of intercourse can lead to the complete absence of an erection. Thus psychogenic impotency occurs. It is insidious in the fact that a person can completely lose interest in sexual life.

It is possible and necessary to get out of this vicious circle. A medical center “DoctorPRO” offers treatment of psychological impotency in Cherkasy. As a rule, it starts with psychotherapy. The doctor can also indicate medicines for the patient, that increase the potency. When a man has an opportunity to perform sexual intercourse, the psychological factor that caused erectile dysfunction disappears. Here much depends on understanding and sensitivity of a woman who is next to the man.

It is important to remember that the acquired psychogenic impotency should be treated as early as possible, do not postpone the visit to the doctor. In the medical center “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy, experienced specialists will certainly help to treat this delicate disease. You can make an appointment by calling or leaving an application on the website of the medical center.

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