Restoration of potency in “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy

К нам обратились

Potency is called as the physiological ability of a man to achieve an erection and maintain it until complete satisfaction in the process of the sexual act. If a man notes the difficulty in achieving an erection, he should visit a doctor as soon as possible. The medical center “DoctorPRO” in Cherkassy offers to consult a qualified urologist who will help to identify the true causes of erectile dysfunction and will appoint a suitable course of treatment aimed at improving and restoring the potency in men.

Weak erection is often the result of the influence of such factors as:

  • disorders of the vascular system;
  • irrational lifestyle (smoking and alcohol abuse, poor nutrition);
  • endocrine disorders;
  • inflammatory processes in the organs of the genitourinary system;
  • excessive physical loads;
  • taking medications that adversely affect the potency;
  • stressful conditions;
  • psychological disorders.

Weakening of erection is not an independent disease, but it indicates about more serious failures in the body. To determine the cause of dysfunction, men are recommended to undergo the following list of tests:

  • laboratory tests (including hormonal);
  • ultrasound of the prostate;
  • a vasoactive test;
  • biothesiometry;
  • dopplerography of the vessels of the penis.

In order to restore potency, the doctor develops a treatment plan, based on the causes of the problem. For example, if it is caused by vascular disorders, a course of therapy is prescribed to correct the conditions leading to vascular damage, if it is caused by endocrine disruptions the hormone replacement drugs are prescribed, for general strengthening of men's health, vitamin and mineral complexes are indicated.

If the disorder is caused by a strained or abnormal lifestyle, an increase in male potency is possible with the following recommendations:

  • giving up bad habits (alcohol abuse, smoking, overeating);
  • compliance with sleep and balanced diet;
  • maintaining regular sexual life;
  • feasible physical activity;
  • control of stressful conditions.

With timely diagnosis and proper treatment, the improvement of erectile function is persistent. It is not recommended to take popular advertised preparations or medicines that helped some of friends. They can not only not improve the situation, but also aggravate it. The course of treatment for each man should be created only individually.

Complete recovery of erectile function in Cherkassy is possible with timely access to the urologist and strict observance of all medical appointments. Specialists of the medical center “DoctorPRO” will help improve the potency and will conduct quality control of the therapy until complete recovery. Register for an appointment on the site or by phone.

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