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Babak Nikolai Vladimirovich

Proctologist. Doctor of the first category. Work experience 27 years.

Komlevyi Rostislav Aleksandrovich

Proctologist. First category. Work experience 25 years.

Petrusenko Oksana Pavlovna

Dermatologist. Work experience 11 years.

Savchenko Lesya Grigorievna

The page is on development stage.

Skakun Tatiana Nikolaievna

The doctor-dermatologist, trichologist. The highest category. Experience 39 years.

Cherednichenko Svetlana Ivanova

Page is on development stage.

Parkhomovskyi Maksim Aleksandrovich

Surgeon-proctologist. Second category. Work experience 12 years.

Vitsinskaia Yelena Ihorevna

Dermatologist-trichologist. Higher category. Work experience 26 years.

Parkhomenko Serhei Ivanovich

Proctologist. The highest category. Experience 29 years.

Korbut Leonid Nikolaievich

Surgeon-proctologis. Higher category. Work experience 36 years.

Velichko Grigoriy Viktorovich

Dermatologist-trichologist. Work experience is 10 years.

Gaida Svetlana Valeryevna

Gastroenterologist. Work experience is 9 years.
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