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Proctologist in Chernihiv: Babak Nikolai Vladimirovich - DoctorPRO

Babak Nikolai Vladimirovich

Proctologist. Doctor of the first category. Work experience 28years.
Proctologist in Chernihiv: Komlevyi Rostislav Aleksandrovich - DoctorPRO

Komlevyi Rostislav Aleksandrovich

Proctologist. First category. Work experience 26 years.
Dermatologist in Chernihiv: Petrusenko Oksana Pavlovna - DoctorPRO

Petrusenko Oksana Pavlovna

Dermatologist. Work experience 12 years.
Gastroenterologist in Cherkasy: Savchenko Lesya Grigorievna - DoctorPRO

Savchenko Lesya Grigorievna

The page is on development stage.
Dermatologist in Bila Tserkva: Skakun Tatiana Nikolaievna - DoctorPRO

Skakun Tatiana Nikolaievna

The doctor-dermatologist, trichologist. The highest category. Experience 41 years.
Gynecologist in Cherkasy: Cherednichenko Svetlana Ivanova - DoctorPRO

Cherednichenko Svetlana Ivanova

Page is on development stage.
Proctologist in Cherkasy: Parkhomovskyi Maksim Aleksandrovich - DoctorPRO

Parkhomovskyi Maksim Aleksandrovich

Surgeon-proctologist. Second category. Work experience 12 years.
Dermatologist in Kropivnickiy: Vitsinskaia Yelena Ihorevna - DoctorPRO

Vitsinskaia Yelena Ihorevna

Dermatologist-trichologist. Higher category. Work experience 26 years.
Proctologist in Kropivnickiy: Parkhomenko Serhei Ivanovich - DoctorPRO

Parkhomenko Serhei Ivanovich

Proctologist. The highest category. Experience 29 years.
Dermatologist in Cherkasy: Velichko Grigoriy Viktorovich - DoctorPRO

Velichko Grigoriy Viktorovich

Dermatologist-trichologist. Work experience is 10 years.
Urologist in Cherkasy: Тychuk Vyacheslav Petrovich - DoctorPRO

Тychuk Vyacheslav Petrovich

Doctor-urologist. Work experience 6 years.
Physiotherapy Nurse in Cherkasy: Nebylytsa Oksana Ivanovna - DoctorPRO

Nebylytsa Oksana Ivanovna

Physiotherapy nurse. The highest category. Work experience 29 years.
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