Physicians of proctology department of DoctorPRO Bila Tserkva

Proctologist in Bila Tserkva: Slisarchuk Viktor Vasilevich - DoctorPRO

Slisarchuk Viktor Vasilevich

Proctologist-surgeon. The highest category in surgery. Work experience 23 years.
Proctologist in the White Church: Pavelchak Andrey Mikhailovich - DoctorPRO

Pavelchak Andrei Mikhailovich

Proctologist surgeon. Work experience 23 years.
Проктолог в Белой Церкви: Бакшеев Андрей Алексеевич - ДокторПРО

Baksheev Andrey Alekseevich

Proctologist surgeon. Work experience 4 years.
Врач хирург-проктолог в Белой Церкви: Клименко Светлана Владимировна - ДокторПРО

Клименко Светлана Владимировна

Proctologist-surgeon. The first category. Experience is 16 years
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