Physicians of DoctorPRO Cherkasy

Gastroenterologist in Cherkasy: Savchenko Lesya Grigorievna - DoctorPRO

Savchenko Lesya Grigorievna

Gastroenterologist. The highest category. Work experience is16 years.
Gynecologist in Cherkasy: Cherednichenko Svetlana Ivanova - DoctorPRO

Cherednichenko Svetlana Ivanova

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Proctologist in Cherkasy: Parkhomovskyi Maksim Aleksandrovich - DoctorPRO

Parkhomovskyi Maksim Aleksandrovich

Surgeon-proctologist. Second category. Work experience 12 years.
Dermatologist in Cherkasy: Velichko Grigoriy Viktorovich - DoctorPRO

Velichko Grigoriy Viktorovich

Dermatologist-trichologist. Work experience is 10 years.
Urologist in Cherkasy: Тychuk Vyacheslav Petrovich - DoctorPRO

Тychuk Vyacheslav Petrovich

Doctor-urologist. Work experience 6 years.
Physiotherapy Nurse in Cherkasy: Nebylytsa Oksana Ivanovna - DoctorPRO

Nebylytsa Oksana Ivanovna

Physiotherapy nurse. The highest category. Work experience 29 years.
Proctologist in Cherkasy: Fedotkin Vadim Borisovich - DoctorPRO

Fedotkin Vadim Borisovich

Surgeon-proctologist. First category. Work experience 10 years.
Gynecologist in Cherkasy: Verbova Snezhana Vasilevna - DoctorPRO

Verbova Snezhana Vasilevna

Doctor gynecologist-endocrinologist. The second category. Work experience 9 years.
Urologist in Cherkasy: Kurguz Vladislav Oleksandrovich - DoctorPRO

Kurguz Vladislav Oleksandrovich

Urologist. Work experience 3 years.
Endocrinologist in Cherkasy: Dyachenko Raisa Viktorovna - DoctorPRO

Dyachenko Raisa Viktorovna

Endocrinologist. The highest category. Work experience 45 years.
Therapist in Cherkasy: Boyko Yuliya Ivanovna - DoctorPRO

Boyko Yuliya Ivanovna

Doctor-therapist, cardiologist. Work experience is 5 years.
Dermatologist in Cherkasy: Ivchenko Irina Igorevna - DoctorPRO

Ivchenko Irina Igorevna

Doctor-dermatologist, trichologist. Work experience 2 years.
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