Physicians of gynecology department of DoctorPRO Cherkasy

Gynecologist in Cherkasy: Cherednichenko Svetlana Ivanova - DoctorPRO

Cherednichenko Svetlana Ivanova

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Gynecologist in Cherkasy: Verbova Snezhana Vasilevna - DoctorPRO

Verbova Snezhana Vasilevna

Doctor gynecologist-endocrinologist. The second category. Work experience 9 years.
Gynecologist in Cherkasy: Vinnichenko Inna Alexandrovna - DoctorPRO

Vinnichenko Inna Alexandrovna

Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist. Second category. Work experience 7 years.
Врач акушер-гинеколог в Черкассах: Алексеенко Юлия Юрьевна - ДокторПРО

Alekseenko Yulia Yurievna

Obstetrician-gynecologist. The second category. Work experience 8 years.
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