Physicians of DoctorPRO Chernihiv

Proctologist in Chernihiv: Babak Nikolai Vladimirovich - DoctorPRO

Babak Nikolai Vladimirovich

Proctologist. Doctor of the first category. Work experience 28years.
Proctologist in Chernihiv: Komlevyi Rostislav Aleksandrovich - DoctorPRO

Komlevyi Rostislav Aleksandrovich

Proctologist. First category. Work experience 26 years.
Dermatologist in Chernihiv: Petrusenko Oksana Pavlovna - DoctorPRO

Petrusenko Oksana Pavlovna

Dermatologist. Work experience 12 years.
Dermatologist in Chernihiv: Dmitrenko Svetlana Sergeevna - DoctorPRO

Dmitrenko Svetlana Sergeevna

Doctor dermatologist-trichologist. The highest category. Work experience 41 years.
Proctologist in Chernihiv: Lappo Andrey Aleksandrovich - DoctorPRO

Lappo Andrey Aleksandrovich

Proctologist of the highest category. Work experience is 26 years.
Sonologist in Chernihiv: Zubenya Ekaterina Mikhailovna - DoctorPRO

Zubenya Ekaterina Mikhailovna

Doctor-sonologist. The second category. Work experience is 6 years.
Gastroenterologist in Chernihiv: Goleva Nadezhda Ivanovna - DoctorPRO

Goleva Nadezhda Ivanovna

Gastroenterologist. The highest category. Work experience 26 years.
Ultrasound Diagnostic Doctor in Chernigov: Truba Valentina Gavrilovna - Doctor PRO

Truba Valentina Gavrilovna

Ultrasound doctor. The first category. Work experience 24 years.
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