Physicians of DoctorPRO Kropivnickiy

Dermatologist in Kropivnickiy: Vitsinskaia Yelena Ihorevna - DoctorPRO

Vitsinskaia Yelena Ihorevna

Dermatologist-trichologist. Higher category. Work experience 26 years.
Proctologist in Kropivnickiy: Parkhomenko Serhei Ivanovich - DoctorPRO

Parkhomenko Serhei Ivanovich

Proctologist. The highest category. Experience 29 years.
Proctologist in Kropivnickiy: Poteryaiko Valentin Vasilievich - DoctorPRO

Poteryaiko Valentin Vasilievich

Doctor-proctologist. The first category. Experience of 12 years.
Gynecologist in Kropivnickiy: Smirnaya Irina Grigorevna - DoctorPRO

Smirnaya Irina Grigorevna

Gynecologist First category. Work experience is 27 years.
Ultrasonic medical investigation specialist in Kropivnickiy: Kravchenko Vyacheslav Yurevich - DoctorPRO

Kravchenko Vyacheslav Yurevich

Ultrasound diagnostic doctor. First category. Work experience is 26 years.
Neurologist in Kropivnickiy: Yakovleva Irina Nikolaevna - DoctorPRO

Yakovleva Irina Nikolaevna

Neurologist. The first category. Work experience is 18 years.
Gastroenterologist in Kropivnickiy: Starobor Svetlana Nikolaevna - DoctorPRO

Starobor Svetlana Nikolaevna

Doctor-gastroenterologist. The first category. Work experience is 23 years.
Endoscopist in Kropivnickiy: Tretyakov Roman Nikolaevich - DoctorPRO

Tretyakov Roman Nikolaevich

Doctor-endoscopist. The second category. Work experience is 8 years.
Proctologist in Kropivnickiy: Panasenko Sergey Alexandrovich - DoctorPRO

Panasenko Sergey Alexandrovich

Proctologist-surgeon. The second category. Work experience is 7 years.
Neurologist in Kropivnickiy: Yukhnenko Elena Vitalievna - DoctorPRO

Yukhnenko Elena Vitalievna

Doctor-neurologist. The highest category. Work experience is 20 years.
Endoscopist in Kropivnickiy: Kedyk Anatoly Vladimirovich - DoctorPRO

Kedyk Anatoly Vladimirovich

Doctor-endoscopist. The second category. Work experience is 8 years.
Dermatologist in Kropivnickiy: Obyhod Lyudmila Valentinovna - DoctorPRO

Obyhod Lyudmila Valentinovna

Dermatologist. The second category. Experience - 10 years.
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