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I have been suffering from psoriasis for 11 years and I have experimented with various drugs and techniques (((. What is the treatment of psoriasis in your clinic? What results do you get? What are the prices for treatment? How long do you treat psoriasis?
Cherkasy, 23.12.2014

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Pobyvanets Vitalii Hryhorievich

Dermatovenerologist. Higher category. Work experience 28 years. Full member of Ukrainian Academy of Dermatovenerology. 

Hello! DoktorPRO Medical Center has been treating psoriasis from the day of its opening, namely from 24.05.2011. You already know that the treatment requires a comprehensive approach, support of the immune system, application of external products and keeping to a proper diet. The peculiarity of treatment of psoriasis in DoktorPRO is that we use the method of treatment developed by the Israel Association of Dermatologists. This is treatment of psoriasis without hormones! Hormones have certain side effects, namely high blood pressure, appearance of hair in non-typical areas, destruction of bone tissue. We avoid these side effects in treatment with our products. Remission, which was observed in our patients, was achieved from six months to three years. This of course also depends on the patient. On how consistent he is in keeping to the diet, hygiene, on avoiding influence of external aggressive factors. The cost of treatment depends on the stage of the disease, the area affected, on whether the joints and scalp are damaged. Therefore, you can make an appointment with a dermatologist by calling 32-21-21, and after a detailed examination the doctor will determine the cost of treatment in your particular case.
Good afternoon! I have read that your dermatologists remove moles. Do you check them before and after? And how?
Kropivnickiy, 17.12.2014

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Vitsinskaia Yelena Ihorevna

Dermatologist. Higher category. Work experience – more than 25 years.

Good afternoon! Indeed, we are engaged in removal of benign tumors on the skin. We do not remove formations on the mucous membrane and around eyes. Removal is carried out by means of radiofrequency device Surgitron. Removing is instant. Before removing (mole, papilloma, warts), we diagnose the tumor with a digital dermatoscope for oncology. Further, in the absence of contraindications, the formation is removed and sent for histological examination. The doctor will tell you results at re-examination.